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The status of the 401(k) accounts on Cyril's computer screen

ISIS 401(k) accounts are a benefit offered to most ISIS employees. They can contribute money to these accounts to save for retirement. Some are aware of their contributions, like Ray Gillette, Cyril Figgis and Lana Kane and others are not, like Sterling Archer and Cheryl Tunt.

Balance of Accounts[]

According to the ISIS 401(k) Investment Analyst. The balance of the 401(k) accounts before Malory drained them in "Jeu Monégasque" was:

ISIS 401(k) Investment Analyst (vers 5.97)
Malory Archer $2,302,725 $2,302,725
Sterling Archer $480,810 $0
Lana Kane $420,675 $0
Hector Ruíz $275,223 $0
Ray Gillette $205,188 $0
Cyril Figgis $9,059 $0
John Baxtor $105,326 $0
Samantha Munroe $23,598 $0
Pam Poovey $42,424 $0
Cheryl Gimple $50,390 $0
Doctor Krieger $105,526 $0
Heather Baker $45,231 $0
Jeff Chapman $102,263 $0

The above is an incomplete list of ISIS employees - not only does it exclude secondary characters such as BilboBrett Bunsen, and others, but the total comes to only approximately $2 million, only half of the amount Malory drained in total.


  • It is unknown whether or not the employee's accounts were returned to their original balance after the money was taken by Malory. However, it is unlikely as the money was probably used to replace the office equipment in that the employees sold.
  • It's possible the CIA confiscated the money when ISIS was shut down.
  • Hector Ruíz is shown to have $275,223 in his 401(k), although he died just prior to the events of the third episode of the first season, Diversity Hire.