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The International Intelligence Agency (IIA) is a premier conglomerate spy agency that has absorbed the likes of ODIN and even Malory Archer's agency, and employs some agents of said absorbed agencies. In Season 14 finale, episode "Breaking Fabian", it is revealed that IIA has been dismantled after Fabian's arrest by Interpol in episode "Dough, Ray, and Me".


Ray has called the IIA "vultures" but said their uniforms were nice. Cyril said he heard rumors that agents of ODIN were fired and then made to reapply for their own jobs at half pay.

Employees (All Former)[]

Equipment, Weapons & Vehicles[]

  • Durable bugs that even Archer couldn't smash with his fist
  • Armored Humvees and trucks
  • Helicopters
  • Luxury choppers
  • HK MP5 submachine guns
  • Light Machine Guns