Hypodermic needle

Hypodermic disguised as a pen

A hypodermic needle is used to inject various poisons to kill or incapacitate an enemy. Such needles can be disguised for field use and can be filled with a variety of poisons from poisocain, fish paralyzer, or tetrodotoxin


Archer gives Cyril a hypodermic needle disguised as a pen full of what he claims is a highly toxic poison called Poisocaine, in "Training Day." The pen cap is loose and slips off for no reason. It fell off in Cyril's pocket which injected Trinette when she hits him. It is unknown if the pen was loaded with poison, or if it was just a tranquilizer as Archer claims.


Lana is injected with hypodermic

During "A Going Concern," Cyril uses a hypodermic needle full of fish paralyzer on Len Trexler as part of Sterling's plan to force Len to fall out of love with his mother and prevent her from selling ISIS.

Rona Thorne uses a hypodermic needle of tetrodotoxin a paralyzing nerve toxin from the fugu fish to incapacitate Lana and Sterling during a KGB attack on the Soviet Premier in "Movie Star."

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