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The space station Horizon.

ISS Horizon is the name of a space station that hangs in Earths orbit. Manned by an international crew of scientists and engineers, it first appears in the episode Space Race: Part I. While it does not have a bar or cantina (or animal farm), it does contain an arsenal of M41 Mark 2 Plasma Pulse Rifles with Concussion Grenade Launchers and at least one Ion Cannon. In addition to this the space station itself is self sustaining, is equipped with Power Loader Exoskeletons capable of lifting and moving thousands of pounds, and possesses enough fuel to make a trip to Mars. It has artificial gravity thanks to the fact that it spins on a longitudinal axis.

In the two part episode "Space Race", the space station is taken over by mutineers, led by Commander Drake and Commander Kellogg who plan to use it as a vehicle to colonize Mars. Barry Dylan was stranded on Horizon for some time until he was able to, with the help of Doctor Krieger, salvage the parts to build a ship and return to Earth. During that time, Barry revealed he killed all of the remaining scientists that were left alive on this station.



S04E03-Horizon in paper

Space Station Horizon in "The Paper."

  • The front page of "The Paper", that Ron Cadillac is reading, has a story titled "Tragedy Feared On Space Station" and a picture of the Horizon from "Legs".

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