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"Honeypot" is the fifth episode of the first season of Archer. It originally aired on February 4, 2010.



Malory's career is threatened when a sensitive videotape falls into the hands of a rogue (and roguish) Cuban agent, so she calls on Archer's expertise in seduction to turn the tables on her blackmailer.


Archer has to seduce an enemy agent to recover incriminating video footage of his mother. The enemy agent, however, is a man.


Cultural References[]

Running Gags / Callbacks[]

  • Woodhouse Punishment - Archer throws all of Woodhouse's clothes off of his apartment's balcony.
  • Not So Secret Agent - Archer tells Charles and Rudy that he is an ISIS agent and the specifics of his mission while Charles is washing his hair.
  • Upchuck Archer - Archer vomits when Ramón confirms that the videotape he was sent for is actually a sex tape of his mother.


  • When Malory briefs Archer on the mission, an image of Pam can be seen winking on the computer screens.
  • In the same scene, Ramon is seen reading France Matin, with the back cover being an advert for Excelsior, the airship in "Skytanic"; the front cover features two unknown ODIN agents and Dr. Krieger's Formula K is a featured article.
    • During their first appearance, Charles and Rudy are shown reading the same magazine.
    • FX's online store sells the cover featuring Archer and Lana instead.
  • This is Ray's first appearance in the show. His voice is deeper than in subsequent episodes.
  • Charles and Rudy are portrayed by Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant, respectively. The two are main cast members from Reno 911! and sketch show The State and are also screenwriting/stand-up partners.
  • Ramon's last name is Spanish for "lemon". It's possible that this is a reference to him being a "fruit".
  • Cheryl shares her fantasy of having a fireman save from a fire only to choke her to death.  She will later live out this fantasy in "Viscous Coupling" after her date with a fireman that she "met at a fire" leaves her with bruises around her neck.
  • Woodhouse mentions that he was once fond of a boy at school named Reggie Thistleton who died in the war. This story is expanded upon in the second season episode "The Double Deuce".

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Honeypot is the first episode of the series not to be solely written by Adam Reed.
    • Reed shares the writer's credit with Tony Carbone.
    • This is the only writer's credit for Tony Carbone in the series.
  • This is the first episode to list some of the guest voice actors as Special Guest Stars.


First Appearances[]


Malory: "I don't suppose he's up?"
Woodhouse: "No ma'am, and from the looks of it, not to mention the lemur, I would hazard he's taking a personal day."
Malory: "The Hell he is!"
(Archer enters the room wearing nothing but a towel, dish gloves, and a catchers mask and carrying a ping pong paddle)
Archer: "Woodhouse, we got any lube? Like at this point even olive oil would..." (noticing Malory)
Malory: (Sighs)
Archer: "...Help me get that drawer unstuck."


Malory: "Jesus, God, Sterling, school girls?"
Archer: "Those, those are just costumes."
Malory: "And I suppose that makes it better?"
Archer: "Doesn't it?"


Archer: "Woodhouse, this is Miami! Don't you have any cooler clothes?"
Woodhouse: (Sighs) "No sir... not anymore."
(Flashback of Archer throwing all of Woodhouse's clothes off the balcony of his apartment)
Archer: (To Woodhouse) "AND your shoes! Because how hard is it to poach a goddamn egg properly??"
(Woodhouse walks into view carrying all of his shoes)
(Flashback ends)
Archer: "Seriously, that's like, Eggs 101, Woodhouse."


Malory: "Sterling, please I need your help, this Ramon Limon is blackmailing me."
Archer: "With what? What's he got on you?"
Malory: "It's...none of your nosy beeswax."
Archer: "Well, then it sucks to be you."
Malory: "You'll be who it sucks to be if I have to call my bridge partner."
Archer: "Who? Who is your bridge partner?"
Malory: "The District Attorney"
Archer: "So?"
Woodhouse: "Sir, that stolen lemur bit one of your prostitutes right in the face and she says she can't go to hospital because she's quote, tripping balls."
(Long Pause)
Archer: "You know when I was little I used to pretend you weren't my mother."
Malory: "Me too."


Krieger: "Taking one for the team, huh?"
Archer: "Hopefully not."
Krieger: "Well if you do I have developed a proprietary chemical compound which may come in handy, I call it Formula K."
Archer: "And it makes you temporarily gay?"
Krieger: "I don't know, just started human testing by dosing Danny-the-intern's coffee."
Danny: "Danny's definitely feeling something."
Archer: "I...think I'm going to pass."
Krieger: "Suit yourself, just means more for me and Danny."
Danny: "Who is loving it!"


Woodhouse: "I have ascertained the target, Sir. And he's actually quite handsome."
Archer: "And I suppose that makes it better?"
Woodhouse: "Doesn't it?"


Malory: "Now I know you've lost your mind. You want me to defect to Russia?"
Nikolai: "Just, you know, if the worst happens."
Malory: "That is the worst! Standing in the snow for beet rations in my Blahniks?"
Nikolai: "Come on! I'm head of KGB! I have my beets delivered."


Nikolai: "I'm trying to help. I mean, if that Cuban does not fall for the honeypot-- "
Malory: "Oh, I think he will. I've got my top man on it. Or, possibly bottom."


Archer: "Do you not see me rocking this chiseled slab of hard man-body? I mean, come on! Are you gay or not?
Ramon: "I am, but you -- you are so not my type."
Archer: "Wh-- hey, I am everybody's type!"
Charles: "Ohhhh, please!"
Archer: "What?"
Rudy: "You are entirely too gay."
Archer: "No, I'm not! Are you kidding?"
Charles: "Oh, my god, you, like... sneeze glitter."
Rudy: "Thank you."


Charles: "Look, in spite of your personality, you get plenty of women, right?"
Archer: "Duh and/or hello!"
Charles: "So, duh and/or hello, just act like you normally do around women."
Archer: "Really?"
(Flashback to Archer with an armful of Cheryl's clothes and a naked Cheryl.)
Archer: "Because how hard is it to poach a goddamn egg properly?!" (throws her clothes off the balcony)
(Flashback ends)
Woodhouse: "I believe he means before you lure them into the apartment, sir."
Archer: "Oh, yeah, that makes more sense."

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