Hector Ruíz
Hector ruiz
First appearance "Diversity Hire"
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Aliases Señor Wingman
Nationality Mexican
Occupation ISIS undercover operative
Personal Life

Hector Ruíz, was an ISIS agent who infiltrated El Frente Rojo. He died after his cover was blown due to a drunk call from Sterling Archer.

Ruíz's life might have been spared if his cell phone wasn't forced to always use the speaker phone mode. Agent Pak and Agent Mgumbe died of similar cell phone malfunctions.


  • Despite his death, he still has money in his ISIS 401(k) with a balance of $275,223 - "Jeu Monégasque"
  • Apparently died on St. Patrick's Day, since Sterling Archer was calling him from an presumably Irish bar wearing a green hat.


Hector Ruiz aka senor wingman

Hector Ruiz seconds before his cover was blown.

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