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The Heart of Archness Trilogy was made possible thanks to idioms.[1]  It may even be called an 'ode to idioms'.  The dialogue of each episode is composed almost exclusively of them and they are explicitly referred to in Part II (by Noah) and Part III (angrily by Malory).  Archer even says "Wow, i never realised how much we rely on [them]."  They are used more than a little bit gratuitously. Our dependence on them is explained and demonstrated, as they are artfully played with, twisted, re-combined, intermingled, subverted and implied to great effect.  The propensity for them in the English language is drawn attention to, along with the difficulty of translating them into other languages.  Fun is poked at Bucky for not getting or using them, but he manages to sneak a few in under the radar for good measure.  

Below is a chronological list of idioms as they appear in this trilogy.


  • normal text signifies the surrounding phrase, if included
  • italics signify the idiom itself (as much as possible)
  • [bracketed words signify the laconic form]
    • [indented when idioms referred to directly]

Heart of Archness: Part I[]

Ray:  "name calling is not going to get us…[expletive deleted] ...anywhere"

Lana:  "which is where Archer could be" (could be anywhere)

Lana:  " down every lead"

Lana:  "...skimming tonnes of cash"

Malory:  "he wouldn't dare do that to me"

Ray:  "we all...think he would dare to do that"

Malory:  "don't give me that!"

Cyril:  "turned a profit"

Malory:  "be that as it may"

Malory:  "half-assedly... / ...phoning it in"

Lana:  "can't be found"

Cheryl:  "talk about duh!"' [talk about x!]

Cheryl:  "in front of my very eyeballs"

Barry:  "is that how you crash a wedding other barry?"  [crash a wedding]

Malory:  "and since you fools can't find him, I called in someone who can"

Rip:  "now, if thats not the pot calling the kettle black"

Malory:  "you old so-and-so"

Rip:  "how are you?"

Malory:  "worried half to death"

Malory:  "I'm a mess"

Rip:  "I've tracked him down"

Rip:  "Riley out"

Pam:  "what a hunk!"

Cheryl:  "total sploosh"

Lana:  "gotta give him the sploosh"

Ray:  "and whatever my equivalent of sploosh is, which i guess is just sploosh.  Only with semen."

Archer:  "not to… " [point out the obvious]

Archer:  "can't bode well for..."

Archer:  "in the mix"

Archer:  "got off on the wrong foot"

Archer:  "let bygones be…/…gone by the wayside"

Rip:  "not there yet"

Archer:  "give it some time"

Archer:  "in front of his very eyes"

Archer:  "excuse me for needing some time to grieve" [excuse me for x]

Archer:  "wrong number"  [number two]

Archer:  "sitting next to that"

Archer:  "watch out for that Adolf Hitler - he's a bad egg"

Pam:  "you're so hot for him I could reheat this chill in your cooch"

Rip:  "how long was i out?"

Rip:  "you'll be lucky..."

Rip:  "kinda different story... / ...dropping like a ton of bricks"

Rip:  "enough already?!"

Rip:  "looking good"

Cheryl:  "can't tell from here"

Malory: "safe and sound"

Malory:  "no thanks to you"

Malory:  "you can forget about..."

Rip:  "what in the holy hell are you doing now?"

Rip:  "as of right now"

Rip:  "in the God-knows-if-it's-even-the middle of the Pacific ocean" [God knows/in the middle of]

Rip:  "pretty dick move"

Bilbo:  "(as my meat ball sub congeals into a big, fat disappointing) piece of shit"

Unknown:  'no-one's going to touch that?" [go near]

Archer:  "kick back…/...catch a few rays"

Rip:  "it's not going to be a picnic"

Archer:  "check that thing out"

Rip:  "don't mess with those knobs" [don't interfere]

Malory:  "do something!"

Bilbo:  "jeez, the middle of nowhere"

Malory:  "get there this instant"

Malory:  "call the very instant you have an update"

Rip:  "you say that..."

Archer:  "no shit"

Rip:  "way back"

Rip:  "have the heart"

Rip:  "man up"

Archer:  "they'll just have to do"

Rip:  "are you done?

Rip:  "take them all out"

Archer:  "where do i start"

Rip:  "gone downhill"

Archer:  "it kills me to say it"

Lana:  "had in mind"

Archer:  "but even so... / ...I wouldn't put all my rescue eggs in that basket"

Archer:  "play it by ear... / see where the afternoon takes us"

Archer:  "keep it loose"

Archer:  "no offence"

Archer:  "good to us... / you can imagine"

Pirate:  "good to hear"

Archer:  "we can't do any of that 'mail somebody a finger' shit"

Bilbo:  "not exactly"

Archer:  "keep at it"

Rip:  "making a move"

Rip:  "it takes one to know one"

Archer:  "even still"

Rip:  "come on!"

Noah:  "throw a feast"

Rip:  "on my dead body"

Heart of Archness: Part II[]

[indented phrases are when idioms are being directly referred to]

Pam:  "clock your skinny ass out already"

Cheryl: "cover her stupid phone"

Cheryl: "rest assured"

Cheryl: "the minute they do"

Malory:  "my God?"

Malory:  "who can rest?" [who can x?]

Cyril:  she's blowing it all"

Ray:  "when we're done"

Ray:  "five grand for the week was a steal"

Ray:  "he is live"

Lana:  "Mr he-who-can't-commit-to-a-pet" [Mr x-y-z]

Ray:  "commit that"

Cyril:  "how hard I worked"

Pam:  "wasted…let's go be that"

Pam:  "happy hour"

Pam:  "a shit load"

Malory:  "how dare you?!"

Malory:  "how can you (even think about) happy hour…"

Malory:  "at a time like this?"

Malory:  "as we speak"

Cyril:  "I wish…"

Archer:  "can't take any more"

Archer:  "that was insane!"

Archer:  "did the missionaries not swing by"

Archer:  "this is about as pirate-kingy as I'm gonna get" [as x as it gets]

Archer:  "brief away"

Archer:  "karaoke night is a big hit"

Archer:  "Cyril always handled all that stuff"

Cyril:  "just jackin' it"

Archer:  "it couldn't hurt"

Archer:  "I'm new to all of this"

Archer:  "not this again"

Archer:  "for the gillionth time"

Noah:  "talk you down"

Archer:  "do you know what kind of margins they work on?"

Noah:  "went over pretty badly"

Archer:  "put a pin in ... / ... the whole manumission thing" [2]

Archer:  "as it is"

Archer:  "I bet I know... / ... whose to blame"

Noah:  "yeah, no kidding"

Rip:  "I'm not kidding"

Archer:  "sow disharmony"

Rip:  "you're sowin' plenty of it yourself"

Rip:  "face it... / ... you're a bust as a pirate king"

Malory:  ""(don't) charge in there ... / machine gunning everything in sight"

Lana:  "you're breaking up"

Ray:  "is a pig's ass pork?"

Ray:  "what you want to hear?"

Archer:  "take a knee"

[Noah:  "that won't translate.  It's like last week when you said..."]

Noah:  "lend me your ears"

[Noah:  "I can't do idioms - sorry"]

Archer:  "you don't change horses in mid…"

[Noah:  "Idiom! Idiom!"]

Noah:  "step down"

Archer:  "more skimmed it"

Archer:  "take it easy"

Archer:  "because your mouth has been writing checks that your butt can't cash"

Noah:  "Do you even know what an idiom is?"
Archer:  "colloquial metaphor"]

Archer:  "your 3/5 of an opinion is noted"

Archer:  "sweet Jesus Jones"

Noah:  "he can choose a stand in"

Ray:  "I bet I know you're going to tell me"

Lana:  "after we zodiac in"

Lana:  "kidnapped-getting-assed son of a bitch"

Lana:  "be all like "nyeah"" (foreshadowed)

Ray:  "she said trying convince herself she no longer ached for his…cock" (3rd  person)

Archer:  "suck it!"

Bucky:  "that's no fair" (Bucky's first idiom)

Archer:  "take your time, I'm hourly"

Archer:  "fair is - well, it wan't exactly - fair but since it wasn't expressly forbidden, tough titties! (fair's fair (subverted) )

[Archer:  "Wow, i never realised how much we rely on idioms!"

Bucky:  "you win this round archer, but every dog has his day" (Bucky's 2nd)

Archer:  "see - idiom!"

Bucky:  "and when that day comes - Bucky make you sorry"

Malory:  "Thank God!"

Archer:  "not going anywhere"

Noah:  "get your ass back in your cell"

Noah:  "go ahead and change..."

Noah:  "nailed it"

Archer:  "for one thing"

Rip:  "that's just…"

Archer:  "for no good reason"

Archer:  "go nuts, Sundance"

Cheryl:  "you don't know for sure yet"

Malory:  "orientals are crazy for firecrackers"

Malory:  "give away their position"

Malory:  "if anyone can..."

Archer:  "quit bossing me around"

Archer:  "tell me… /...there's no chance"

Rip:  "thank God"

Rip:  "the feeling's mutual"

Rip:  "if my son was as big a bonehead as you" [as big an x as y]

Rip:  "good luck with the job hunt"

Noah:  "not that it's any of your business (none of your business)"

Rip:  "thus continuing the circle of…why bother?"

Archer:  "equally huge waste of time"

Noah:  "speaking of…can we go back up?"

Archer:  "no grenade is a good grenade" [no x is a good x]

Archer:  "get out of here"

Malory:  "Lana will be there any time now"

Malory:  "It's not like I can do anything from here"

Malory:  "because I said so"

Cyril: [sleep talking] "Just jackin' it"

Malory:  "you'd better pray..."

Lana:  "all i'm saying"

Lana:  "before we get in there"

Lana:  "he'd have to be blind not to…um"

Lana:  "the silent treatment... what are you - six?

Archer:  "how about this?"

Archer:  "out of ideas"

Bucky:  "out of ruck/luck" (Bucky's 3rd)

Archer:  "you came all this way"

Archer:  "oh my God...still got it pretty bad for me huh?" (got it bad)

Lana:  "don't you dare"

Archer:  "Wo-hoo" (callback/foreshadowed earlier)

Heart of Archness: Part III[]

Malory: "If you touch one hair on my son's head, I'll have your guts for garters!"

Malory: "Ten million dollars? That's outrageous, I won't pay it, I don't even want the gay back. So you better sharpen your pencil."

Malory: "Three million, and not a penny more. And before you see one thin dime, I want to talk to Sterling!"

Archer: "I think that ship might have sailed."

Malory: "Good, serves you right!"

Malory: "You're no spring chicken, you know!"

Archer: "Tend! To the wounded!"


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