Heart of Archness: Part II
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Series Archer                              
Season No. 3
Episode Information
Episode No. 2
Original Air Date September 22, 2011
Written by Adam Reed
Animation Directed by Bryan Fordney
Production Code XAR03002
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"Heart of Archness: Part II" is the second episode of the third season and the twenty-fifth episode overall of Archer. It is the second of a three-part story and billed on FX as part of the "3-Week Special Edition". It originally aired on September 22, 2011.



Archer tries to lead the island of pirates as their pirate king with the help of his first mate, Noah. The pirates become skeptical of Archer's leadership and start an election called melawan raja where archer shoots bucky's girlfriend. Unfortunately, Archer's inability to effectively lead an island of pirates leads to a mutiny lead by Bucky. Archer, Noah, and Rip Riley find themselves trying to survive while the mutinying pirates of Pangu Island. Meanwhile, Lana and Ray make their way to the island.


After being captured by pirates, Archer emerges as Pirate King, but he has bit off more than he can chew, getting little help from his first mate, Noah. Meanwhile, his ISIS colleagues keep up their attempts to rescue him, sort of.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • United States Constitution (1787):  Archer tells Noah at one point that his "three-fifths of an opinion" is noted. This is a reference to slaves in America formerly being counted as three-fifths of a person for census purposes prior to the 13th and 14th amendments' ending of slavery and extension of rights.
  • Get Smart (1965-70):  The quote "missed it by that much" is a reference to this sixties US TV show, whose protagonist, Maxwell Smart, said very often.
  • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969):  Archer and Noah's exchange prior to his fight to defend his pirate kingship echoes a similar conversation in this film:
    • Butch Cassidy: [in a low voice] Maybe there's a way to make a profit in this. Bet on Logan.
    • Sundance Kid: I would, but who'd bet on you?
      • Archer also says to Rip about his gun "It's empty Sundance"
  • Jesus Jones (1988-to present): this British alternative rock band from the late eighties gets used instead of Jesus Christ.
  • Arrested Development (2003-6):  Noah's voice actor, David Cross, co-starred alongside Malory's voice actor, Jessica Walter, on this American television sitcom. When descending the ladder from the radio room, Noah says to Archer "Hey guy, my field is anthropology…". This is a direct reference to a figure of speech regularly used by Will Arnett's character G.O.B.

Running GagsEdit

  • Pirate Terminology Archer is unfamiliar with all the terms used by pirates, including the use of 'booty' for treasure; he, of course, knows it to mean ass.
  • Pirate Rules Elections for king and king fights are important rules.  Noah is basically management.
  • Dossier Unread Orientation materials are provided but are literally burned.
  • Idioms Their use and usefulness are examined and deconstructed.
  • Shut up and then un-shut up
  • Tinnitus
  • Trashing Anthropology Archer (and Rip) have a dig at Noah's field of study by confusing it with arachnology and archeology,
  • Pick one!
  • Just Jackin' It
  • Lana's Got It Bad
  • Woo!


  • When Rip berates Archer for shooting the only radio on Pangu Island, Archer replies with, "all six, right in the ten ring." This is a reference to an identical line told by his mother in the season 1 finale, "Dial M for Mother".


  • The flight attendant on the chartered plane is the same one Archer spent the night with in the pilot episode.


  • When Cyril is looking at the ISIS Account Balance you'll notice there is a category for both "Food and Beverage" as well as "Additional Beverage."  This refers to the massive amounts of alcohol the staff drinks at ISIS.
  • Engrish is used to make punny dick jokes like hold erection/hold election.
  • 'Eschewing traditional gender roles' is a jab at gender studies and identity politics with their recent preoccupation with gender roles, contrasted with anthropological and everyday notions of tradition.   By saying that a very muscular man is the girlfriend of Bucky, Archer's writers point out the absurdity of self-labeling if taken too far. 'Girlfriend' is a gender-specific label for a non-gender specific role ie. being a partner to another human being, and therefore not really a role. Rip reinforces the idea of pirates literally eschewing traditional labeling when he is confused by the labels in the radio room.  To each culture their own.  This is the basis of cultural relativism.
  • The Americans aren't ghosts, they are just white.  'Hantu' is indeed Malay for 'ghost'.[1]
  • Archer draws on as many pirate tropes as he can muster, whilst expressing surprise that the reality of modern-day piracy bears little relation (ostensibly) to his stereotypical view of it.  What he later discovers is that pirates have a lot of rules and keep up with the times (unlike Archer).  In spite of appearances they are still very much pirates:
Archer:  "This is not at all what I pictured: when you think of pirate ships you think:
sails, cannon balls - and not one of these guys has a beard -"
Rip:  "Are you done?"
Archer:  "Planks.  Now I'm done"
  • He later adds raping and drunkenness to his list of cliched piratey things.
  • Archer's somewhat contradictory personal ethics put him at odds with the pirate code: he is concerned about the plight of small business owners and thus can't really do the plundering required of a pirate king. In spite of this, he has no problem with refusing to manumit (free) Noah or acting like a tyrant towards Rip.



Pam: "Ah, c'mon! Clock your skinny ass out already, and let's go get ourselves some drinks!
Cheryl: "Ugh! I can't. I have to cover her stupid phone in case some stupid pirates call with a stupid ransom demand for Mr. Stupid Archer!"
Malory: "Carol? Carol! Have they called?"
Cheryl: "NO... ma'am, but rest assured, I'll let you know the minute they do."
Malory: "Rest? My god, who can rest?"
Cheryl: "Not me, apparently."


Malory: "How can you even think about happy hour at a time like this?" (takes a drink) "When probably as we speak, my poor Sterling is being tortured by pirates?"
Cyril: "Heh-heh-heh, I wish."
Malory: "WHAT?!"
Cyril: "...wish you wouldn't say that."


Archer: "That was insane! I never even heard of that position. Did the missionaries not swing by here, or--?
Noah: "E-excuse me, Pirate King Archer?"
Archer: "Noah, what?
Noah: "Hi. Ready for the, uh, morning briefing?"
Archer: "Noah, I'm half drunk and slathered in... every bodily fluid there is. So, yeah, this as about as pirate-kingy as I'm gonna get. Brief away."


Noah: "Sir, pirates work for shares. And since you became a pirate king, there hasn't been any booty, so--"
Archer: "I'm gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you there, buddy."
Noah: "From pirated ships."
Archer: "Oh, I thought you meant from all the-"
Noah: "Native girls, right, no."
Archer: "Sorry, I don't know all the pirate terms yet."
Noah: "Well, that's a common one."
Archer: "I'm new! To all of this, all right?"


Riley: "Archer! What a coincidence, I was just talkin' about ya."
Archer: "Yeah, with who? Because that buck-toothed little shit doesn't even speak English!"
Bucky: "I do little bit."
Archer: "No, you don't."
Bucky: "And correct syntax is 'with whom.'"


Lana: "I mean, am I jealous because Archer gets preferential treatment? Yes. But, HA! Am I still attracted to him? I mean, come on..."
Ray: "Is a pig's ass pork? I'm sorry, did you wanna hear what I think or just what you wanna hear? He asked, pretty sarcastically."


Bucky: "If you so strong, melawan raja!"
Archer: "What's melawan raja?"
Noah: "Oh, king fight! If the king loses to a challenger in one-on-one combat, he has to step down. Or-or just be dead."
Archer: "Since when?"
Noah: "Oh, since nineteen-always."


Malory: "Oh my... Carol! Somebody!
Cheryl: "What?"
Malory: "Sterling... I think... he's been shot!"
Cheryl: "Oh, my god... So can I go home?"


Noah: "Um, sorry, item one's actually the morale problem."
Archer: "NOAH!"
Riley: "More like potential mutiny."
Noah: "Yeah, right? Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and change 'morale problem' to 'potential mutiny'--"
Archer: "No, you're not! Because there is no mutiny, potential or otherwise."
Archer: "So, is that Malay for--?"
Noah: "Uh, 'mutiny', yes."
Archer: "Yeah, yeah."
Noah: "So I guess I should upgrade it from 'potential' to...?"
Riley: "'Incipient?'"
Noah: "Ooh, nice!"
Archer: "No! Do not upgrade that mutiny! Noah, I will tell you when it's time to upgrade the damn..."
(A grenade is hurled at their feet.)
Archer: "...mutiny. Okay, so, what comes after 'incipient'?"
Riley: "'In progress.'"
Noah: "Nailed it!"
(The grenade goes off.)


Archer: "Noah, where the hell does this (ladder) go?"
Noah: "I don't know, down?"
Archer: "Wow, you're only a doctoral candidate?"
Noah: "Hey, guy, my field's anthropology."
Riley: "Heh heh! Good luck with the job hunt."
Archer: "Right?"
Noah: "Not that it's any of your business, but I plan to teach."
Archer: "Anthropology?"
Noah: "Wha--? Yes!
Riley: "To anthropology majors?"
Noah: "Hey, you know what?"
Archer: "Thus completing the circle of 'Why bother?'"


Malory: "But I may as well go home and rest. If they haven't escaped already, Lana will be there any time now, and she'll get them out. And it's not like I can do anything from here."
Cheryl: "Exactly. So why do I have to stay?"
Malory: "Because Lana may call, or because I said so. Pick one!"


Bucky: We hold erection for king!
Archer: Well, that's flattering. It's not really necessary.
Noah: He means elections.

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