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"Heart of Archness: Part I" is the first episode of the third season and the twenty-fourth episode overall of Archer. It is the first of a three-part story and billed on FX as part of the "3-Week Special Edition". It originally aired on September 15, 2011.



After the death of his fiancé, Archer goes missing for three months. Malory sends a former agent named Rip Riley to find him and bring him back. With Archer's resistance, he ends up stranding them out at sea and mixing them up with pirates.


Sterling Archer has been missing for three months. Ever since the death of his fiancée, Katya Kazanova, at the hands of Barry Dylan, he has been grieving in his own way, which apparently means tending a bar and sleeping with newlyweds on a fictional island in French Polynesia (after all, if he can't live a life of wedded bliss, nobody can!). Malory Archer sends Rip Riley (voiced by Patrick Warburton), a former ISIS agent, to find and retrieve Archer. Rip finds Archer with ease, but bringing him back to New York is more complicated when you add the antics of Archer and a crew of Pirates.


Cultural References[]

  • The Six Million Dollar Man (1973-1978): In a flashback of Barry Dylan running away after killing Katya Kazanova, he refers to himself as Bionic Barry in reference to the lead character of this American TV show who was commonly known as the Bionic Man.
  • It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963): Archer's attempt to make an Old Fashioned when he should be flying the plane, is a reference to the scene in this movie, where the drunk pilot leaves his seat to make an Old Fashioned.
  • French Polynesia: A French territory composed of 118 geographically dispersed islands and atolls in the South Pacific Ocean. Archer is found working as a bartender on one of its tiny, and possibly fictional, islands called Wapuni.
    • Joe Versus the Volcano (1990): The name of the island, "Wapuni," could also be a reference to "Waponi Woo," another presumably fictional Pacific Island from Joe Versus the Volcano, in which the protagonist is sent to the Island.
  • Tales of the Gold Monkey (1982)Rip's seaplaneand 'sky captain of yesteryear' image are borrowed from this TV show, which is later a foundational reference in season 9: Danger Island.
  • Adolf Hitler: Archer mentions the German leader when giving Riley a bad time about his out-dated plane and manner of speaking.
  • Cookie Puss: An ice cream cake character introduced by Carvel in 1972. Ray moans cookie puss when informed there will be no "Carvel" since they are not the ones who found Archer.
  • D ration: An emergency chocolate ration bar commissioned by the United States Army introduced in 1937. It was almost universally detested for its bitter taste by U.S. troops. The taste was intentional and was to keep soldiers from eating them in non-emergency situations. Archer comments on this saying it tastes like cat shit.
  • Guglielmo Marconi: An Italian inventor who is commonly credited as the inventor of the radio and also known for his pioneering work on long-distance radio transmission. Archer thanks Marconi for the emergency distress beacon.
  • Psychokinesis: an alleged psychic ability allowing a person to influence a physical system without physical interaction also known as telekinesis. Cheryl wonders if she has believes she may have psychokinetic powers and willed Archer's plane to crash.
  • Black Credit Card: Black cards are exclusive, high- or no-limit credit cards that are usually only available on an invitation-only basis to wealthy customers. Pam is amazed at Malory's Black Titanium card thinking its existence was just a myth.
  • Pulp Fiction (1994): When Malory says "Say budget again..." to Cyril, the veiled threat is reminiscent of the "Say what again" scene in this nineties classic. Video Ref )
  • Carvel:  A US ice-cream franchise.

Running Gags / Callbacks[]

  • Sploosh!: By Cheryl, Lana and Ray at the sight of Rip.
  • Idioms: By combining 2 together early on, they are set up as running gags throughout this trilogy:
  • Ruse: What's that in the sink?
  • Core concept: missing the point of auto pilot
  • The what now?
  • Life or Booze Decision
  • Dick Move
  • You Say That...
  • Tinnitus
  • Lana's Got It Bad
  • Cyril's Got It In For Archer


  • This episode takes place three months after the events of Double Trouble (s2e13).
  • Being distraught over the death of Katya Kazanova in Double Trouble (s2e13) is said to be the reason Archer "ran away" from home.
  • During the episode's introduction as part of Archer's ISIS profile, clips from the following previous episodes are shown when listing his primary skills :
  • Archer was living under his standard alias Randy while working on Wapuni.
  • Archer attempts to salvage a bottle of Old Buncombe from the wrecked seaplane as it sinks.
  • Bilbo and Bryan appear after last being seen in "Double Trouble".
  • The flight attendant taking Ray's order on the private jet is the same Sky Air flight attendant Archer had a one night stand with in Mole Hunt (s1e1) and was last seen in Job Offer (s1e9).


  • Title Explained: The title Heart of Archness is a reference to Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness", which describes a journey in search of a European trader who has gone mad and set himself up as a god-king to a group African natives. Also Miami Vice: Name of Episode Heart of Archness is a reference to Miami Vice Season 1 Espisode 2 (or Episode 3) entitled Heart of Darkness. 
  • In Archer's ISIS profile, Popeye is listed as his known associate.
  • Rip Riley's seaplane appears to be a Grumman G-21 Goose, which Riley has nicknamed "Loosey Goosey".
  • The nautical flags displayed on the wall of the pirate ship's dining room during the dinner scene spell out "Katie sucks".
  • Rip Riley is a former ISIS agent who left approximately 15 years ago. He had an affair Malory during his time there and reveals that she was impossible to please (sexually).
  • Noah's voice actor, David Cross co-starred alongside Malory's voice actor, Jessica Walter on the American television sitcom Arrested Development.
  • The shark is shown doing a bump-and-bite attack where the shark circles and bumps its victim, in this case, Riley, before biting. This is an actual thing great white sharks are known to do in an attempt to identify what it is about to eat.
  • Although possible to fire a gun underwater it is unlikely that Archer would have killed the shark since the bullet would only travel a few feet at a greatly reduced velocity due to the high density of water.
  • Before being captured by pirates the emergency radio beacon shows Archer and Riley to be at the following GPS coordinates: -1.867345, -161.806641, approximately 160 miles southeast of Jarvis Island.
  • Archer's Omicron Spymaster wristwatch is likely a reference to the Omega Seamaster wristwatch, featured in the James Bond film GoldenEye. Not only are their names similar, but both function as spy gadgets, with Archer's having a garrote, knockout gas, and a laser (at least he's pretty sure) and Bond's having a laser and remote detonator. Also the pirate first mistakes the Omicron Spymaster for an Omicron Spacemaster. Omega makes similarly confusing models: the Speedmaster and the Seamaster. Omega also made the Spacemaster, a version of the Speedmaster for NASA.
  • Rip Riley carries an M1911 Pistol and the pirates are equipped with AK-47's.
  • Woodhouse and Algernop Krieger do not make an appearance in this episode.
  • Bryan Sighting - After Bilbo complains about having to deal with the ISIS satellite instead of eating his meatball sub (which he says will congeal into a big, fat, disappointing blob of shit), Bryan asks "is nobody going to touch that?"



Lana: "Malory, we've checked every safe house, run down every lead..."
Cyril: "And he hasn't touched any of his bank accounts. So, unless he... oh."
Lana: "Were you gonna say 'unless he's been skimming tons of cash from his operations accounts all these years?'"
Cyril: "Yeah, duh, right?"
Malory: "He wouldn't dare steal from me!"
Ray: "Oh, please, we all..... think he would dare to do that."


Riley: "Anywho, he's on a little island called Wapuni in French Polynesia--"
Ray: "With his millions in caaaash..."
Riley: "Tending bar."
Ray: "Or noooot."


Pam: (Regarding Rip Riley)"What a hunk!"
Cheryl: "Total sploosh!"
Lana: "Actually, yeah. Gotta give him the sploosh."
Ray: "And whatever my equivalent of sploosh is, which I guess is just sploosh, only with semen."


Woman: "Oh. My. God. I can't believe I just did that. You know, I'm not like that, I don't just--"
Archer: "Come on, don't do that. Don't ruin your post-coital bliss with a bunch of misplaced guilt."
Woman: "How is it misplaced? I'm on my honeymoon!(sobs)"
Archer: "Well, at least you got a honeymoon. My fiancee was murdered."
Woman: "Wait, what?"
Archer: "Yeah. Oh, and you married an idiot."
Woman: "*gasp*"
Archer: "I mean, who plays thirty-six holes of golf on the first day of his honeymoon? Because not to...whatever, but that can't bode well for your marriage."
Woman: "Get the hell out, you piece of shit!"
Archer: "Seriously, I hope she didn't sign a prenup.


Archer: " Maybe for that ridiculous image you're trying to cultivate... Sky Captain of yesteryear! "


Riley: "I'm settin' the auto-pilot, but this better not be a ruse."
Archer: "(laughs) A ruse? *brrrring, brrrring!* Hello? (in Golden Age Radio voice) Hi, it's the 1930's! Can we have our words and clothes and shitty airplane back?"
Riley: "Let's go, kid."
Archer: "(still with the voice) Call ya back, 1930's! And hey, watch out for that Adolph Hitler, he's a bad egg!"


Lana: "And where does Malory get off, implying that we didn't do our best to find Archer?"
Ray: "No, she straight up said it. What she implied is that we're jealous of Archer and that you hate yourself because you're still attracted to him."
Lana: "I...that's...what?"
Pam: "Oh, please! You're so hot for him, I could reheat this chili in your cooch!"
Lana: "Don't you have some... humans to resource?!"
Pam: "Actually, no, most of my job's dealing with sexual harassment complaints against Mr. Archer, so... we gonna make some cooch chili or what?"


Bilbo: (upon seeing Riley's distress signal)"Oh, well that's just great! Now I get to deal with this, as my hot meatball sub congeals into a big, fat, disappointing blob of shit!"
ISIS SIGINT agent: ".....Nobody's gonna touch that?"


Archer: "Riley, no shit, I will shoot you."
Riley: "And then I'll shoot you, with a flare, and then I'll use a D ration bar and two survival crackers to make s'mores over the crackling fire that used to be your chest cavity."
Archer: "God damn, dude!"


Archer: "You were an ISIS agent?"
Riley: "Briefly, way back. But it didn't work out, because, y'know, your mother--"
Archer: "Was impossible to please, right?"
Riley: "God, if you only knew."
Archer: "What?"
Riley: "How much your mom LOVES you! You would at least have the heart to go tell her you're quittin' in person."
Archer: "Yeesh. Rather get shot with a flare."


Ray: "I will start with the caviar and the '38 Montrachet, then do the Kobe Tartare with this... '42 Le Pin. And this chocolate terrine looks insaaaaannne. And then, I guess, just send me to fat camp and pray to God I don't eat all those fat, delicious chi'drens. 'Cause I will gobble'em up."


Riley: "You just killed, like, ten pirates."
Archer: "Wow, if the five-year-old me knew that, he would get a huge boner.... No idea why I said that."


Riley: "Good plan. Once they're good and drunk, we'll turn this tub around and head home."
Archer: "Home? Riley, I am home."
Riley: (Draws gun on Archer)"Over my dead body you're running away to be a pirate!"
Archer: "Of course I'm not gonna be a pirate!"
(The entire crew draw their guns on Riley.)
Archer: "I'm gonna be a pirate KING."

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