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"But let me say this to the Communists who are murdering our brave young fruits, and to the puppetmasters in Moscow and the capital of China: You cannot kill the spirit of San Marcos!"
—Gustavo Calderon[src]

Gustavo Calderon was the president of San Marcos when a civil war broke out. To fund the war, he arranged a drug deal with the CIA, which the former members of ISIS were duped into becoming a part of. However, the war left him clinging to power. He was eventually overthrown by Cyril Figgis and ended up in prison for three weeks. He escaped from prison with Archer and Cherlene, only to be mauled to death by a tiger.


To the public, Calderon tried to appear very caring of his people, even going to the hospital to comfort a comrade who died. This however was a mere facade, as his palace was filled with an uncanny amount of priceless art and historical artifacts, all of which were paid for using his country's national funding. He did however attempt to improve his people's lives by purchasing Cherlene's records for them, though it was useless to distribute records to a populace without record players.

He also seems to have great knowledge of United States Presidents, citing that William Howard Taft was both President and Supreme Court Justice, and that George Washington could have run for a third term if he had wanted to. He has a love for Charlene's music, as he bought a million copies of her album, which boosted it to Platinum status, and even forced his soldiers to unload all of her CDs.


Before the Series[]

At one point, Gustavo Calderon became the President of San Marcos where he married Juliana Calderon (his father's second wife); however, they were never truly in love.

At some point, a civil war broke out. The war drastically affected Calderon's influence, leaving him clinging to power. To that end, Calderon arranged a trade for the CIA; Calderon would offer his country's cocaine supply to the United States, who would in turn provide him with weapons and armaments to allow his soldiers to continue to fight the Communist rebels threatening his presidential power.

Calderon discovered rising country music star Charlene and instantly fell in love with her. He bought one million of her albums, boosting it to Platinum status.[1]

Season 5[]

"White Elephant"[]

"Archer Vice: On The Carpet"[]

"Archer Vice: Palace Intrigue, Part I"[]

"Archer Vice: Palace Intrigue, Part II"[]

"Archer Vice: Filibuster"[]

After Cyril Figgis became the new President of San Marcos, Gustavo was locked away in the dungeon along with Sterling Archer and Juliana Calderon. A few minutes later, Cherlene was locked in the same prison cell (that Juliana was in) after Cyril became annoyed with her, much to Gustavo's joy upon seeing his idol.

Cherlene later helped Gustavo and Archer leave their prison cells with the prison key that she stole where they drove to the airport to join the rebels. However, they stopped midway at a zoo where Archer happily cries upon seeing a tiger (whom he names Shane). Cherlene eventually lets out Shane where Gustavo is being mauled by the tiger before he was eventually killed.

Gustavo's corpse was last seen being dragged away by Shane into the forest.


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  • The name Calderon could be a reference to the Calderone Drug Cartel and it's leader Esteban (and later Orlando) Calderone from the series Miami Vice, which serves as the inspiration for Archer Vice.
  • Calderon's nickname "Baby Gus" is likely a reference to former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier.