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"Here, we are one big famille."

Framboise was an attractive French woman who greatly enjoys anal sex. She was the former human resources director for ODIN as well as Barry Dylan's supposed ex-fiancé, until Archer slept with her and Barry in a jealous fit, had her fired. Her voice is provided by Judy Greer (who also voiced Cheryl Tunt).


Season 1[]

"Job Offer"[]

"Go staple my heart back together!"
"Un cœur? Tu n'as pas un cœur.[1]"
Barry Dylan and Framboise[src]

While Sterling Archer was temporarily employed at ODIN, Len Trexler suggested Framboise and Archer have sex in Archer's new office, to help Archer feel welcome. However, Archer is unable to perform sexually because he is disturbed by sexual acts with "family", the figurative label given to coworkers at ODIN. He is able to get aroused when Framboise suggests anal, but Barry Dylan catches them in the act. Barry is shot in the arm by Archer; afterwards, after revealing to Trexler that he and Framboise were "engaged to be engaged", Barry terminates Framboise's employment.

When Lana Kane arrived at ODIN to deal with Archer, Framboise was seen packing up her things. Barry angrily yells at her to "take all the things", throwing a stapler at her, telling her to staple his heart back together. Framboise replied in French that Barry doesn't have a heart, and Barry asked how he was the bad guy here.

Barry attempted to have her killed in a car explosion as she left ODIN headquarters, but she met Cyril Figgis, who offered to help her with her box; this led to them having anal sex. Lana caught them at it while making her way to the elevator with Archer. This incident caused Lana to break up with Cyril, and Malory Archer to ban sex between coworkers at ISIS.[2]


  • Framboise seems to immensely enjoy having anal sex and doesn't seem to have any particular reservations about who she engages in it with (to the point where she is even willing to be unfaithful to her significant other).


  • Framboise is French for "raspberry", which is also slang for a sound used to imitate a fart. This further ties Framboise into her anal theme.
  • Archer called her the "Pelé of Anal," a reference to Pelé, one of the most widely recognized professional soccer players, regarded as one of the greatest players in soccer history.
  • Framboise seems to reference French porn star Chloë des Lysses, as they possess a distinct resemblance and have similar sexual preferences.
  • While Archer is leaning Framboise over the sofa chair, she appears to be holding a pixilated dildo.
  • The details of Barry Dylan's relationship with Framboise are somewhat convoluted. While he himself admits that he never actually proposed to her in "Job Offer", Barry spends the rest of the series referring to her as his "former fiancé". This was likely an oversight on the part of the writers.


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  1. Translates from French to "A heart? You don't have a heart."
  2. Archer S01E10: "Dial M for Mother"