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Fort kickass

Fort Kickass

"Your authority is not recognized in Fort Kickass."

Fort Kickass is a cardboard box fort built by Dr Krieger.


In the episode "Skorpio", it was erected in the ISIS mainframe out of cardboard boxes, but instead of moving data to new servers as they were assigned to, Pam, Krieger, Cheryl and Cyril used it to goof off and get drunk. In particular, Krieger serves cell phone cocktails and snorts MSG off of Pam's stomach, while Cheryl talks to Cyril about Lana and Archer sleeping together on Spirodon Skorpio's yacht, which leads to Cyril and Cheryl having sex in Malory Archer's office. The fort was presumably destroyed when Krieger set fire to the mainframe.

Fort kick ass remnants

Remnants of Fort Kickass

However, remnants of Fort Kickass were seen in the Season 4 episode "Viscous Coupling" when Lana and Malory were locked in the vault and in the Season 6 episode "Sitting" when Archer is in the ISIS mainframe.