Flight Attendant
First appearance Mole Hunt
Eyes Brown
Hair Blonde
Aliases Airline
Languages French(native)
English (fluent)
Greek (get it?)
Occupation Flight Attendant
Personal Life
Family Abelard (pet)

The Flight Attendant slept with Archer during the events of "Mole Hunt," she woke up with a ping-pong paddle-shaped bruise. She has a dog named Abelard who barks on command. A drunk Archer thought Abelard's bark sounded like, "Puttin' on the Ritz" so he made an exception and allowed the Flight Attendant to bring the dog to his apartment.

She made a second appearance aboard a Private Plane that Lana Kane and Ray Gillette chartered to get to Hawaii. She also appeared briefly when Lana and Malory Archerwere flying to France to kill Skorpio.



The Flight Attendant's appearance in Heart of Archness: Part I

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