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This article is about the organization. For the episode, see The Figgis Agency.

"Is this the Figgis Agency?"
"Again, not married to that."
"Yes, we are!"
Veronica Deane, Sterling Archer, and Cyril Figgis[src]

The Figgis Agency was the former workplace of the main characters of Archer following the dissolution of ISIS.


The secret intelligence organization ISIS formally ended its days of spycraft when the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS) had its headquarters raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and it was subsequently revealed that ISIS had never been authorized by the United States government.[1] Afterwards, the ISIS agents spent the better part of half a year as cocaine dealers before becoming private contractors for the CIA.[2] This too came to an end following the failure of a mission which ended with the death of Dr. Zoltan Kovacs.[3]

Blacklisted by the CIA, unable to continue as spies, and generally tired of working under contract, the group set out for California. Sterling Archer (and Lana Kane) convinced his mother Malory Archer to put her money in a new detective agency in Los Angeles. As California state law requires a law degree or a BA in criminal justice, Cyril Figgis assumed the role of CEO of the agency and named it after himself (much to Archer's extreme annoyance).

The agency opened on the top floor of a three-story corner office building. What followed was 3 months with zero clients. Things looked desperate until the agency got its first case involving Hollywood legend Veronica Deane and an enigmatic computer disk marked "Longwater" with very sensitive information.[4]

It's unknown what became of the Figgis Agency during Archer's coma as the gang all go back to international espionage, despite being blacklisted.

Known Employees[]

Name Image Position Other
Cyril Figgis Cyril-port CEO Nerd looking to prove himself
Malory Archer Malory-port Financier - Mother of Sterling Archer
- An Alcoholic
Sterling Archer Archer-port Lead Investigator - Son to Malory Archer
- Lana Kane's love interest
- Father of Abbiejean Kane-Archer
- An Alcoholic
Lana Kane Lana-port Private Investigator, Lock Picker - Sterling Archer's love interest
- Mother of Abbiejean Kane-Archer
- Voice of reason
Ray Gillette Ray-port Private Investigator, Safe Cracker, System Hacker, Pilot - Gay cyborg with bionic legs and a robot hand
Pamela "Pam" Poovey Pam-port Driver, Mechanic, Muscle (maybe occasionally) Bisexual jack-of-all-trades
Cheryl Tunt Cheryl-port Head of Research - Pyromaniac & violence fetishist
- Born from an extremely rich family
- Knows how to take a punch
Dr. Algernop Krieger Krieger-port Head Scientist Enthusiastic inventor with esoteric sexual tastes


  • Archer is told by Cyril that in order to earn his P.I. license, he must complete 2,000 hours of certified investigative work.[4] However, this is incorrect as California requires at least 2,000 hours of investigative work a year for 3 years (for a total of 6,000 hours) in addition to several other requirements.[5]
  • Milton, the roving copier/toaster, has made the transition from ISIS to the new agency.[6]
  • A Figgis Agency advertising flyer created by Pam, much to Archer's dismay, features a Basset Hound wearing a Deerstalker cap while holding a magnifying glass in its mouth. Pam has nicknamed the dog Furlock Bones.[4]
  • Cyril and Archer both agreed that if Archer gets his P.I license, the place would be renamed "The Archer Agency".

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