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Farooq Ashkani is an actor with a talent for improv performance. He first appeared in "Sitting" posing as a Pakistani cyberspy who kidnaps baby AJ to force Archer to take him to the ISIS mainframe.


Archer's plans for a relaxing night watching AJ are interrupted when Farooq bursts into the apartment with a shoulder-shot Agent Slater. Slater introduces Farooq as a cyberspy working for Pakistani Intelligence looking to defect to America. On the way to a CIA safehouse, the duo are ambushed by Pakistani agents and flee to Archer's place. Promising to pay Archer, Slater leaves Farooq with Archer while he goes to hunt down the mole who leaked the safehouse's location to the agents.

As soon as Slater leaves, Farooq turns a gun on Archer and holds AJ hostage. He forces Archer to take the 3 of them to ISIS headquarters so he could upload spyware to the CIA network. He reveals that the ambush was a distraction, but he and Archer are surprised to run into Cyril, Pam, Cheryl, Ray, and Krieger playing poker in the break room. The two fake their way into the mainframe and begin accessing the system. Farooq reveals his plans and threatens to shoot Archer, but then is interrupted by Pam who takes AJ to safety .

Archer is prepared to beat Farooq to death before Farooq turns the gun on him. The ISIS men find themselves pinned down behind a desk as Farooq fires away, reloads, and calls in reinforcements. Archer plans to set off the nerve gas in the vents, but is shot in the shoulder again. Suddenly, Lana arrives and reveals this was all a ruse to see if Archer could take care of AJ on his own. Lana is pretty satisfied with Farooq's job (less so with Archer's) and Farooq takes the opportunity to hand out fliers to the office staff for his next show.


Farooq is depicted as easy-going, though slightly naïve. He, at first, believes Archer's statistic about accidents in the home, misses the double entendre he created with the word "strapped," and fails to realize the pun in his acting troupe's name (Dream the Improv-able Dream) until Cyril points it out to him. He is bilingual and a pretty good shot.

Farooq is passionate about his improv, but his skills (at best) range only from mediocre to good. While great at coming up with a backstory and staying in character, his ability to perform spontaneously needs a little work. On the spot, he comes up with the dubious name and job of "Manny the manny." Furthermore, he reveals his plan to Archer which, as the spy points out, would've given the CIA the opportunity to simply find the spyware. Still, he's talented enough to fool Archer and stay fully committed throughout the evening.

His passion for his craft is also shown to lead to him making extremely questionable decisions, such as using an actual gun as part of his act, leading to Archer getting hit while also putting the others in the building at risk.


  • Farooq is voiced by Kumail Nanjiani.

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