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Fabian Kingsworth is the former head of IIA.


Fabian is an attractive older gentlemen with dark-green eyes. He has black hair, although it's graying at the temples, and it's all slicked back to the side except for a part of it that hangs above his forehead in a curl. Although his arms are always covered by the sleeves of the suits that he wears, he is apparently in very good shape. As stated by Archer in "Identity Crisis," his forearms are like "bowling pins," so it's safe to assume that he is muscular.


Over the course of Archer's coma Fabian established the IIA as a conglomerate spy agency, absorbing many agencies (including ODIN) and creating one unified spy organization bigger than any seen before. He formerly admired Archer from afar before his coma when he was renowned as the world's greatest/deadliest spy.

Season 12[]

"Identity Crisis"[]

The IIA bought out ODIN and Fabian appears to have taken over and established the IIA as the premiere agency of the world of espionage much like ODIN used to be.

"Colt Express"[]

Fabian appears on an orientation video speaking to the new IIA recruits. Later, he captures Archer and takes him hostage.

"Mission: Difficult"[]

After failing to obtain the thumb drive, he sought after for some time, Fabian simply bought Malory's agency off of Robert (the agency's benefactor) to get the thumb drive, but also because he was impressed by their spy skills. Even after which, Archer impulsively smashes the thumb drive out of spite.

Season 14[]

Breaking Fabian

After being freed by a Swiss prison, Fabian is handcuffed to Sterling and Pam, that need him because of a series of mass-killings some drones are perpetrating against former IIA agents


Fabian has shown great skills in espionage and strategy which lead his organization to great success, even topping and eventually buying out the once great spy organization ODIN.


  • Fabian has a speech impediment, which makes him pronounce l's and r's as w's.
  • According to Fabian he was a breech baby and has a mild allergy to cats.
  • In season 14 episode 8 he reveals to be half Albanian from his mother’s side


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