The Excelsior
First appearance "Skytanic"
Make/Model (approximate) Helium-filled, Rigid Airship
Owner Excelsior Investors
Primary Color Gray and Red
Details and Features
Purpose Cruise Liner
Special Features Many vacation amenities

The Excelsior is a helium-filled, rigid airship. The airship has many luxury accommodations. Its primary investor is Sandu Singh who was a passenger on the airship's maiden voyage, and it is piloted by Captain Lammers and Lt. Klauss Kraus. The Excelsior maintains only one route for passengers, New York to London, which is a 24-hour voyage. In episode "Skytanic" (S1, E7), Captain Lammers attempts to blow up the airship with C4 explosives before jumping out with a parachute.

Amenities include a casino featuring high-stakes baccarat,  bar, restaurant, dance floor, and duty free shopping. The sleeping accommodations are either luxurious first class suites, or standard cabins, which are cramped and about the size of a broom closet. The cabins feature a twin sized bed, an adjacent bathroom, and yet as Archer points out, an amazing amount of storage.

A trip from London to NYC in 24 hours would require a cruising speed of 144 MPH, approximately 60 MPH faster than either the German Graf Zeppelin or USS Macon rigid airships.

In episodes pre-dating "Skytanic," advertising for the Excelsior is seen on a t-shirt worn by Uta and as an advertisement in a magazine (S1, E6, the episode immediately preceding Skytanic).

In what may or may not be a coincidence, Excelsior is also a term used by Marvel comics icon Stan Lee as a catchphrase. If so, it would fit into the 1960s aesthetic of the show. It may also be a reference to the New York state motto, or a play on words of the definition of the word excelsior, meaning "ever upward".

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