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"Deadly Velvet will redefine the genre!"
—Ellis Crane[src]

Ellis Crane was an Oscar-winning American film director for Corsac Studios and ex-husband of Veronica Deane. His voice is provided by John O'Hurley.


Season 7[]

"Bel Panto: Part I"[]

"My dear, how can this be? How have you never been in one of my pictures?"
"Because I'm not an actress?"
"In... what sense?"
—Ellis Crane and Lana Kane[src]

"Bel Panto: Part II"[]

"Well, what's the plan? To escape?"
"Impossible. Unless we can override the controls for these panic doors."
"Which, why do you even
have those?"
"Well, I've made a lot of enemies in this town."
Ray Gillette, Ellis Crane, and Cyril Figgis[src]

"Deadly Velvet: Part I"[]

"If my insurance bows a bond or, God forbid, my investors back out, I'll be ruined!"
—Ellis Crane[src]


"You could really help me get inside the mind of a private detective."
—Ellis Crane[src]

Ellis Crane has been shown to be a bit of a flirt, as seen when he was flirting with Lana Kane. Crane was making all sorts of double entendres that referenced him wanting to have sex with Lana. Despite this, Crane appears to be quite sexist, as he laughed whenever Lana asked if Deadly Velvet would be female-led.


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