Elke Hubsch
First appearance Killing Utne
Voiced by Audrey Wasilewski
Age Deceased
Hair Blonde
Aliases The Needle
Languages Finnish (native)
English (fluent)
Nationality Finnish
Occupation Freelance spy, assassin for hire
Skills Assassination
Personal Life

Elke Hubsch, a.k.a. "The Needle," is a freelance spy and assassin. In "Killing Utne," she was hired by Nikolai Jakov to assassinate Torvald Utne of the UN. She impersonated an escort to gain access to Malory's dinner party through Sterling. She used a cosmetic communicator to communicate with Jakov while in Malory's bathroom. She intended to kill Utne by injecting poison into him but failed. She was mistakenly killed by Uta when she was fed a bite of poisoned food meant for Torvald, although she and Mannfred had planned to kill her anyway to be certain they got credit (and the pay) for killing Utne.

When Sterling hired her as an escort, he asked her to pose as a lingerie model working her way through med school. Out of jealousy, Lana refers to her as "Dr. Panty Model" after catching Cyril ogling her. She was killed when she mistakenly consumed the poisonous food meant for Torvald Utne and had her body chopped up and burned by the present agents of ISIS.

Character design possibly inspired by 1960s German movie star Elke Sommer. Her surname is descriptive, as the German word hübsch means pretty or attractive.