Three agents of El Frente Rojo
First appearance Diversity Hire
Personal Life

El Frente Rojo is a criminal organization, and is Spanish for "The Red Front." It was once infiltrated by ISIS agent Hector Ruíz, however that operation failed when Ruíz's cover was blown. In Swiss Miss, they attempted to kidnap Anka Schlotz.

Sia is one of the agents of El Frente Rojo. She has dated a pair of twins who also worked for the organization. Both Sia and the twins have presumably perished. One of the twins likely died of injuries, caused when Archer used an aerosol spray can and a candle to severely burn him. Sia and Carlito, the other twin, likely died when Archer shot their snowmobile and it exploded.

Known MembersEdit


  • Their name is possibly a reference to communism (The Red Front).
  • Is apparently an international organization, with at least cells in Europe and Central America.
  • Is apparently involved in criminal activities such as kidnapping and arms smuggling.
  • In Swiss Miss, Malory displays a photo of El Frente Rojo in action. The photo is a near identical match to surveillance photos the Symbionese Liberation Army's robbery of the Hibernia Bank.
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