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Edie Poovey (Voiced by Allison Tolman) is Pam’s sister. She was first mentioned in the Episode "Sea Tunt: Part II" and made her first appearance in the Episode "Edie's Wedding" where she was going to get married. But at the end of the episode, she broke up with her fiance because she didn't show up to her own rehearsal dinner and her fiance was then given a blowjob by another member of the party.


Not much is known about her background except that she grew up on a rural Brown County Wisconsin dairy farm, Poovey Farms, with her sister Pam. At some point in the past, Pam helped Edie deliver her unnamed baby inside a barn as she, "couldn't have it in the house". Pam also describes the story as, "racist" suggesting that the father of Edie's child is a person of color.

Similar to her sister, she possesses superstrength and durability, which can be shown with her fighting Pam in the motel room. She's extremely cruel to Pam and takes pleasure in seeing her sister's pain, such as dumping calf's blood over her during prom (a reference to Stephen King's Carrie), blowing her crush and telling her about it, making Pam's high school bully her maid of honor instead of her. She holds herself in high regard and sees nothing good in Pam. She shows no care for Pam's wellbeing, choosing all-you-can-eat prime rib over her sister's life, before Archer knocked her out. Aside from their fist fight, she's shown to be extremely strong. During a fight between Barry and Archer, Edie points out her sister's flaws to hurt her. Barry remarks that Edie is no prize herself. This causes her to attack Barry and almost get killed before Pam intervenes by shooting Barry with explosive rounds from a shotgun. She then gets a call from her fiancée learning he let the maid of honor blow him because he was tired of waiting for her, causing her to call off the wedding, much to Pam's delight.

She also quotes that she and everyone she knows hates how Pam moved to New York City.


Her sister, Pam, appears to be Edie's only sibling. Her father is still possibly alive and is residing at Poovey Farms. Her mother has since died, which is mentioned by Pam in "Movie Star."



  • Ironically, Pam delivered her currently unseen child.

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