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Edie's Wedding" is the fourth episode of season 6 and the sixty-sixth episode overall of Archer.



Pam takes Archer to her sister Edie's wedding in rural Wisconsin while being pursued by Barry Dylan.


S06E04-Pam-Archer start

Screw it, I'll go.

In the ISIS training and break room, it's a typical day as Sterling Archer tries to bypass a crying Pam Poovey to Irish up his coffee. However, his curiosity prevails and he asks Pam what's wrong. She explains that her sister Edie Poovey is getting married, and apparently, Pam was passed over for the position of maid of honor in favor of a woman who stole an old crush, which upsets her greatly. Archer decides he might as well be Pam's plus one and accompanies her to Wisconsin. But they're spotted in the Chicago airport along the way by none other than Barry Dylan, who is checking in at Sky Air and is primed for murder.


She's a fat, little baby.

Back at ISIS Headquarters, Lana Kane searches for Archer to look after Abbiejean so she can spend the weekend at SERE school. Cheryl Tunt tells her where Archer went, much to Lana's chagrin. Lana then asks Malory Archer, but she refuses, as she has romantic plans with Ron Cadillac, their marriage repaired and stronger than ever (or so Malory would have everyone believe).

S06E04-Pam-Archer motel

Every ounce that goes in, an ounce gotta go out.

At a motel in Wisconsin, Archer and Pam get dressed up for the rehearsal dinner, while Barry, frozen from hiding in the wheel well of their plane, watches and waits. Archer is relatively impressed with Pam in her dress, which is disaster waiting to happen. Suddenly, Archer and Pam are visited by the infamous Edie herself. It doesn't take long for the two sisters to start fighting, as Archer watches on.

S06E04-Edie-Archer-Pam motel

Arn didn't even know she was alive.

Meanwhile, Lana sees Ray going into the elevator and asks him to babysit Abbiejean. Ray closes the elevator door in Lana's face, claiming it to be sentient. Back in Wisconsin, when Pam and Edie manage to stop fighting, Edie upsets Pam further, causing her to storm out of the hotel. As she walks away, she's ambushed by Barry.


I assume you're familiar with the brown note.

Lana next visits Dr. Krieger in the ISIS Applied Research Laboratories to ask him to babysit AJ. She immediately changes her mind when she finds him working on his recent gadget. She then runs into Cyril Figgis who is surprised that she would ask Krieger to babysit before him. Cyril suggests that he check in with AJ in a motel near the training camp so she can check up on them. Cyril has ulterior motives, believing doing the favour will result in him "hitting that again."


I forget to make waffles.

After kidnapping Pam, Barry takes her hostage in an abandoned grain elevator and calls Archer to rescue Pam, so that he can murder Archer when he arrives. When Archer can't convince Edie to go with him to save Pam, he knocks her out and puts her in the back seat. Barry rants as he ties Pam up and reveals that he's even crazier than before since Katya dumped him for Boris.

S06E04-Edie-Pam silo

You'll never find a husband.

When Archer and Edie arrive at the silo, Barry instantly attacks him while Edie proves less than helpful to Pam by verbally "cutting her down" instead of freeing her. Barry insults then Edie which results in her unwisely attacking him. Barry nearly chokes Edie to death until Pam breaks free and takes Archer's shotgun - which has explosive ammo.

S06E04-Barry shot

Forgot what I was gonna say.

Pam blows a football-sized hole in Barry's abdomen and removes half of his face revealing a very Terminator-esque endoskeleton. Barry then falls into the grain chute and is then buried in grain by Pam. The building is then torched by Edie with a Molotov cocktail. After they leave, Edie finds out her fiancé received a blowjob from the maid of honor (who did the same thing to Pam's childhood crush, Arn) at the rehearsal dinner, that Edie missed.

S06E04-Edie-Pam-Archer ending

You ruined my life!

This brings closure to Pam who Archer is happy for. Meanwhile, Barry's heavily damaged, now skinless endoskeleton crawls out of the wreckage, only to be hit by an ambulance (being driven by Arn) and briefly powers down. However, Barry's torn terminator-like body wakes up after the initial shut down, at which point he starts laughing hysterically, suggesting that he has now completely lost his mind.


Cultural References[]

  • Ike Turner: Pam mentions this singer when Archer slaps her. This refers to the domestic abuse cited by Tina Turner in her autobiography.
  • ALF: Pam suggests that Archer use the alias "Gordon Shumway", which is ALF's real name.
  • Carrie (1976): Archer thinking Edie dumped pig's blood on Pam during the prom is a reference to Carrie.
  • The Seven Year Itch (1955): Pam's attire and hairstyle for Edie's wedding resemble Marilyn Monroe.
  • Frisky Dingo: As Barry sets his trap for Archer, he yells "Boosh!" an expletive frequently uttered in Frisky Dingo.
  • The Silence of the Lambs (1991): The scene where Pam is strung up like a crucified angel is eerily reminiscent (disturbing image) of the scene in TSOTL where the police officer is killed.
  • Terminator:  There are several references to the franchise in this episode:
    • Archer uses a flower box to conceal his shotgun like the T-800 during the mall scene in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.
    • Pam's one-handed reloading of the shotgun is similar to Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2.
    • Barry's cyborg body is similar to that of T-600's and T-800's without human skin.
    • Pam being tied up is similar to how Marcus Wright was tied up in Terminator: Salvation.
  • The Warriors (1979):  Barry repeats his version of the famous line from The Warriors, "Archer, come out and play," which was first used in "Space Race: Part 2".
  • The Right Stuff (1983):  The scene with the ambulance pulling up to the grain elevator with Barry emerging from the explosion where the drivers says "Is that a man? Yeah you're damn right it is!" was a reference from the movie The Right Stuff when Chuck Yeager was emerging from the wreck of his NF-104 aircraft.
  • Maximum Overdrive: Ray presses the door close button on the elevator because he doesn't want to hold the elevator. He claims that it's not his fault, it's "Maximum Overdrive" (implying that the machines have taken over, as in the Stephen King movie).
  • Lurch from The Addams Family: Being chased by Lurch through the snow is Barry's worst fear.
  • Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics: Archer mentions this and that "they don't even apply to Barry because he's a frickin' cyborg."
  • Fargo: The song that plays at the end of the episode is the theme song from Fargo (TV Series), which also airs on FX. Guest star Allison Tolman (Edie) starred as Deputy Molly Solverson in the first season of Fargo.

Running Gags / Callbacks[]


  • This episode marks the return of Barry Dylan, who was not in Season 5.
  • Barry is shown wearing a dark blue and orange jacket with "CHICAGO" on it. This is a reference to Chicago's professional football team, the Bears (dark blue and orange being their primary colors) and their longstanding rivalry with the Green Bay Packers (most of the episode being set in Wisconsin).
  • Archer's remarks about his rental car is a loose reference to the boatlike handling qualities of the Lincoln Continental Mark IV. This was shown on a Top Gear special, in which two of the show's three presenters try to find the worst car ever produced, with the Lincoln included for nomination.
  • It is revealed that Katya Kazanova is now in a relationship with Boris after she dumped Barry Dylan.
  • When Lana tells Krieger that A.J.'s poopy diaper was not likely caused by his K-9000 Infrasonic Pulse rifle and that it was probably a coincidence, Krieger retorts, "That's what they said about Tesla's Death Ray!" This is a reference to a conspiracy theory that the Tunguska Event, a massive, unexplained explosion that leveled 800 square miles of forest in Tunguska, Siberia on June 30th, 1908, was accidentally caused by Nikola Tesla's experiments with wireless energy transmission that took place on or around the same day. Supporters of the theory point out that Tesla predicted the weaponization of this technology ("Death Ray" being a term coined by the New York Times), and if you draw a line from Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower over the North Pole to the center of the Tunguska blast the line runs through, or very near, Ellesmere Island- the intended destination of the transmission. Opponents point out there is no evidence or hard science to support the theory, and thus this was most likely a coincidence.
  • The writing on Boris' robe translates to "kidperm".
  • Edie is offended when Barry says that she's not a prize. Like her sister, Pam, Edie is remarkably self-confident despite her body fat.
  • This marks the first time Pam uses a gun, due to her superstrength she primarily fights with her fists.
  • This marks the first time Barry's cyborg body is damaged, due to Archer now using explosive shotgun shells.
  • Arn hits Barry with an ambulance that is a 1968 Cadillac ambulance conversion.



Archer: "Wait, no, I don't need a backstory!"
Pam: "Yes you do. Shut up. You're Gordon Shumway, and you own a 500-acre dairy farm in upstate New York, with 600 Holsteins and two Herringbone milking parlors."
Archer: "Okay, A, that's Alf's name, and two, what's more impressive, a pathetic cheese farmer or the world's greatest secret agent, A.K.A., me, Sterling Archer?"
Pam: "Oh, yeah."
Lana: "If you wake this child, I will climb inside you with my shoes on!"
Lana: "I hope you do burn this place down."
Cheryl: "She (Malory) said not to. *Gasps* She said try not to!"
Archer: (Looking at Pam in her dress) "Oh my God, Pam. You look amazing."
Pam: "Really?"
Archer: "I mean, you know, relatively."
Pam: "Shit-ass! But you've got to pace me, I'm sewn into this sumbitch. So for every ounce that goes in, an ounce gotta go out." (Swallows some pills)
Archer: "So... diuretics?"
Pam: "And laxatives. There's a sundae bar."
Archer: "What could possibly go wrong?"
Barry: "Is it Barry? Does that mean Barry possibly, literally froze his nuts off in the wheel-well of a 747 so he could murder the shit-eating Archer? Yes, it does, other Barry. Oh, yes."
Ray: (Holding the elevator door open) "Yeah, come on. You coming?"
Lana: "No, but hey, I know it's late notice, and I really hate to ask, but would you mind keeping A.J. for the--" (The elevator door closes.)
Ray: "What? I'm hitting the door open. You can't see it, but I really am. Oh, my God, it's just like Maximum Overdrive!"
Lana: "Ray!"
Ray: "Lana! On Monday let's talk about how scary this was for me!"

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