Personal Life
Family Malory Archer (owner)

Duchess is the name of Malory Archer's dog (an Afghan hound). Malory showed great affection towards Duchess, much more than she has ever shown her son, Sterling. She has many pictures of Duchess on the walls of her apartment and office, and even a creepy picture of her lying naked with the dog in bed (a satire of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's Rolling Stone cover picture). Malory claimed Duchess to be a smart dog, despite the fact Duchess in fact died from eating a piece of chocolate from the trash. Duchess may have held a hostile attitude towards Sterling as well, implied by her growling at him as a child when, while cleaning the fireplace, he sighed at his mother's over-affectionate attitude toward the dog.


  • It's possible that Sterling Archer's rule about not having dogs in his apartment is due to his mother's love of Duchess. This is contradicted, however, by his revelation that he does in fact love dogs during a mission in Morocco ("Un Chien Tangerine"), although he quickly adds he hated Duchess for various reasons, one of which is of him cleaning the chimney while his mother celebrates the dog's birthday
  • Archer's codename ("Duchess") is implied to have come from the dog, though Malory claims the code name was randomly assigned by computer.


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