Dry-Ice Bomb

Dry Ice Bomb

ISIS is hired to protect a natural gas pipeline from environmental terrorists. Sterling and Lana head to the New Orleans' swamplands where Sterling gets to fulfill his lifelong dream of commandeering an air-boat. While bow-fishing, Sterling enrages an enormous alligator and shoots a hole in the boat which causes it and their gear to sink into the swamp. Luckily Sterling's cooler of beer floated which they took to the pipeline platform.

With all their weapons and gear at the bottom of the swamp, they needed to improvise weapons for self-defense and to thwart the terrorists intent on blowing up the pipeline. It was then they realized that the dry ice chilling the beer when combined with "DiHydrogen-Monoxide" (water) would cause an expansive chemical reaction. Together they went on to use Sterling's empty bottles to make Dry Ice Bombs with a predictable time-delay. They didn't end up needing to use them after all.

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