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In Season 8, Season 9, and Season 10, following the events in Season 7 which lead to Sterling Archer being hospitalized in a coma, Archer and all of his associates manifest as a dream persona in his subconscious.

  • The events take place in a different timeline (B) to the events in the 'real world' (A). Whilst being related to (A), the events in (B) have no impact on it.

Characters and / or Personas[]

  • All of the main characters from the Archer Universe, as well as a handful of minor characters/extras, have been rendered into Archer's subconscious with their own dream personas;
  • Each dream persona (with the exception of Crackers and Pam) broadly maintains similarity in appearance with their real world counterparts, but their character and relationships to each other have changed;
  • There is both a degree of continuity and discontinuity between 'real world' and Archer's subconscious: how he sees - and therefore we see - himself, the other personas and their relationships, are as a dream, loosely based on reality;
    Archer driving

    Archer's dream persona

  • In Season 8, the dream personas act out events in a film-noir inspired dream state called "Dreamland".
  • In Season 9, events take place in a serial adventure-inspired South Pacific island called "Danger Island".
  • Each dream persona is worthy of it's own separate wiki page.[1]

Season 8: Dreamland[]

Main characters[]

Sterling Archer - Archer P.I. (Dreamland)

  • Role:  Private Investigator (protagonist)
  • Appearance:  Dapper; wears a trilby, waist coat and long overcoat 
  • Character:  Hopeless romantic, fiercely loyal, valiant, noble, despises misogyny (dislike of, contempt for or ingrained prejudice against women)
  • Relationships / Affiliations: Woodhouse's partner at Woodhouse and Archer

Malory Archer  - Mother

  • Role: Dreamland (Nightclub) owner and mobster
  • Appearance: Glamorous and well-dressed
  • Character: Manipulative, dominant, mysterious and threatening
  • Relationships / Affiliations: Employer of Zirk, The House Band, Krieger, offers a job to Archer

Lana Kane  - Lana Kane (Dreamland)

  • Role:  Singer at the 'Dreamland' jazz club
  • Appearance:  Glamorous, sophisticated, classy
  • Character:  Femme fatale, gold-digger / undercover agent
  • Relationships / Affiliations:  Works for Mother, and the IRS

Cheryl Tunt  - Charlotte Vandertunt

  • Role:  Heiress to the Vandertunt publishing fortune
  • Appearance:  Incredibly svelte, mysterious, (at the beginning), then gets more disheveled
  • Character:  Crazy, ignorant, feckless
  • Relationships / Affiliations:  sleeps with Archer, kidnapped by Mother

Pam Poovey  - Detective Lieutenant Poovey

  • Role:  L.A.P.D Sergeant
  • Appearance:  Short hair, stocky build, wears a trilby, waist coat and long overcoat 
  • Character:  Jocular, good-natured, manly role
  • Relationships / Affiliations:  subordinate to Detective Sergeant Figgis

Cyril Figgis  - Detective Sergeant Figgis

  • Role: Detective Sergeant
  • Appearance: Round glasses, greying above ears; wears a trilby, waist coat and long over coat 
  • Character: Corrupt cop
  • Relationships / Affiliations:  Working with Len Trexler (Dreamland)

Ray Gillette  - Ray Gillette (Dreamland)

  • Role:  Trumpet player in the Dreamland House Band
  • Appearance:  White tuxedo
  • Character:  Loud mouthed marijuana enthusiast, always getting the band busted
  • Relationships / Affiliations:  The House Band, Mother

Krieger  - Krieger (Dreamland)

  • Role:  Bar Tender / Dope dealer / Mad scientist
  • Appearance:  Full beard, 1940s barman
  • Character:  Shifty, sexually ambiguous, secret operator
  • Relationships / Affiliations:  Works for Mother, deals heroin to Woodhouse, employed by Trexler.

WoodhouseWoodhouse (Dreamland)

  • Role:  Private Investigator (former)
  • Appearance:  Deceased
  • Character:  Junkie (few details)
  • Affiliations:  Archer's partner at Woodhouse and Archer

Minor characters[]

Season 9: Danger Island[]

Word of God[]

According to writer Adam Reed:[2]

"No matter where they are or what new accent they have... it's all about how Archer is perceiving them."

Their in-dream characters are the result of:

"Trying to crystallize and amplify all the other characters, as seen by Archer."

The reason Pam and Archer are paired up is because the inspirations featured a guy who:

"always had a just seemed natural..."
"he and Pam are like the only two who can stand each other."

Reed's hope for the characters is that:

"even though it’s a new setting and new roles for these characters, [that] people will become as invested in that season’s storyline as they were in previous seasons."

Main Characters[]

Sterling - Sterling (Danger Island)

  • Role:  Pilot (Archer Airways)*
  • Appearance:  Eye patch on left eye, leather flying jacket and hat, dishevelled
  • Character:  Drunk, womaniser
  • Relationships / Affiliations:  Son of Malory

Malory - Malory (Danger Island)

  • Role:  Hotelier at Hotel Lotus* / (major stake-holder of Archer Airways)*
  • Appearance:  Tropical attire, wavey hair, silver fox
  • Character:  Manipulative, morally ambiguous, always looking to make money
  • Relationships / Affiliations:  Mother of Archer

Lana - Princess Lanaluakalani

  • Role:  Princess of Mitimotu.
  • Appearance:  Majestic, tall, exotic
  • Character:  Superior, fierce, independent
  • Relationships / Affiliations:  Associates with Fuchs

Cheryl - Charlotte Stratton (nee Vandertunt)

  • Role:  Vagrant (New York Socialite)
  • Appearance:  Ranges from dishevelled to immaculate
  • Character:  Useless, shrieky, kinky, corruptible
  • Relationships / Affiliations:  Married to Whitney Stratton IV, courtesan of Malory's

Pam - Pam Poovey (Danger Island)

Cyril - Siegbert Fuchs

  • Role:  Bread fruit plantation prospector / Idol seeker / Nazi
  • Appearance:  White linen suit, panama hat, glasses
  • Character:  Nervous, clipped, secretive, cowardly, limp, rude
  • Relationships / Affiliations:  Associate and schtupper of the Princess

Ray - Capitaine Reynaud

  • Role:  Police Captain (Gendarmes)
  • Appearance:  Khaki uniform, with hat and cane; moustache
  • Character:  Corrupt official, melodramatic
  • Relationships / Affiliations:  Partners in crime with Malory

Krieger - Crackers

  • Role:  Archer's sidekick
  • Appearance:  Transformed into a Scarlet macaw
  • Character:  Talkative, smart ass, likes to crack wise
  • Relationships / Affiliations:  Buddy to Archer

Minor Characters[]

  • Whitney Stratton IV - Charlotte's husband
  • Manu - the hotel porter
  • Doudou - the capitaines sidekick (spelling uncertain)
  • Luigi - restaurant owner
  • Ziegler - German flying ace and Archer's nemesis
  • Noah - Anthropologist
  • ??? - King ?
  • ??? - Queen ?

*Archer Airways and Hotel Lotus are fictional businesses in the dream location, Mitimotu.

Concise List (plus redirects)[]


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Cheryl (New York Socialite / Vagrant)

Sterling (Pilot)

Pam (Co-Pilot)

Krieger (Sidekick/ Macaw) 

Malory (Hotel and Airline Owner)

Ray (Police Chief)

Lana (Princess)

Cyril (Bread Fruit Farmer / 'German Spy' / Idol Seeker / Nazi Psycho)

Season 10: 1999[]



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