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"Double Trouble" is the thirteenth episode of the second season. It is the season finale and the twenty-third episode overall of Archer. It originally aired on April 21, 2011.



Dr. Krieger works to finish a top-secret project, and Archer brings a mysterious former KGB agent named Katya home to meet Malory, unaware that Barry Dylan is on his way to kill him.



I am mortified!

In the Office of Malory Archer, Katya and Archer's amorous activities are interrupted by Malory. Katya leaves to freshen up and Malory absolutely refuses to consider Archer's request to hire her to work for ISIS. Archer believes Malory is jealous of his relationship but she is concerned Katya is a double agent whose mission is to steal Dr. Krieger's secret project.

S02E13-Mitsuko and Krieger

Krieger-san, my cherry blossoms are wilting.

Katya is in Krieger's lab where she rebuffs his advances but is interested in what he offers to show her. Krieger indicates that he had everything prepared to get married but the government wouldn't allow a union to Mitsuko Miyazumi, his holographic girlfriend. Lana and Malory are shocked that Katya is moving in with Archer and he threatens to quit ISIS if she isn't hired.

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 12.26

How long 'til mother sees this?

At KGB HQ, Nikolai Jakov confesses to Boris that he lied to the party chairman that Katya's defection was part of his master plan. Boris indicates he has a real plan. Lana and Malory catch Katya in Krieger's lab and won't hear any explanations from her. Archer whisks her away to the ISIS Situation Room where he has Bilbo hack into the KGB and bring up Katya's service file. Hoping it'll indicate she's been disavowed by the KGB, instead she's been tabbed as a double agent.

S02E13-Katya-Lana standoff

This is all just a huge misunderstanding.

On the toilet, Pam sees Katya's status on her phone and sends it to Lana. Katya flees and Archer catches up to her in the elevator. Assuring her that he believes she's been set up by the KGB, Lana and Malory confront them. A stand-off ensues which Katya ends by shooting Lana's weapons out of her hands. The couple escapes before Malory can lockdown ISIS Headquarters.


I green-lit the project way back.

Malory rallies the staff while Archer and Katya arrive at Archer's apartment. He enlists Woodhouse's help to find his bug-out bag, but in vain. Archer convinces Katya that life on the run will be fine due to their skills. At KGB HQ, Boris briefs Jakov that Barry Dylan has been turned into a cyborg and is in New York where he'll apprehend Katya. Jakov calls Barry and is angered that the cyborg plans to kill Archer.

S02E13-Katya-Archer shootout

Coming mother!

Katya presses Archer that they need to leave without his bag. When Woodhouse sees that Archer truly loves Katya, he gives Archer the bag, which he's been hiding. Woodhouse also gives Archer a wedding ring, which belonged to Archer's grandmother Bub. But it's too late, Malory arrives with the staff and a shootout ends with no one injured and everyone out of ammo, except Malory, who has one bullet left.

S02E13-Wedding on balcony

I just love your hair.

Aiming at Katya, Archer steps in front of her and tries to convince Malory of his love. It dawns on everyone that the KGB tabbing her as a double agent is standard procedure. Krieger then explains that Katya wasn't trying to steal his secret project, she just wanted his aborted wedding arrangements. Archer's marriage proposal is accepted with enthusiasm and the wedding is held on the balcony with Ray as the priest.

S02E13-Katya off balcony

I will save you darling!

Before the ceremony can be performed, Barry crashes the wedding and chokes Archer over the balcony ledge. Malory fires her one remaining bullet, which bounces off Barry. Using her veil as a garrote, Katya wraps it around Barry's throat and leaps off the balcony, dragging him over with her. Katya lands on Krieger's Van and is killed but Barry is unharmed and makes his escape.


Cultural References[]

Running Gags / Callbacks[]

  • Awkward Hello - By Katya after she mistakes Malory for Archer's secretary.
  • Phrasing! - By Archer after Malory asks Katya if she wants to freshen up after her "long ride".
  • Pool Ball Challenge - First mentioned by Pam in "Tragical History".
  • Pam Dropping A Deuce - Due to the above challenge.
  • Terrible Aim  - Lampshaded by Archer (again).
  • 934TXS: When Barry Dylan's bionic cybernetic information is displayed, under Fuel Capacity the screen displays "934TXS ENCRYPTED".
  • Ping Pong Paddle: Archer reveals that he was spanked on his "tiny bare ass" by Malory with a ping pong paddle after he "spilled grape tang on her stupid Flokati rug".
  • Core Concept - Archer and Malory not understanding that as a cyborg, they can't kill Barry with a gun.
  • Barry reminds Archer that he sodomized Framboise.


  • The events of this episode follow directly from the events in the previous episode in Russia, with Katya returning to America with Archer for their short-lived romance.


  • While Katya Kazanova is chatting up Dr. Algernop Krieger, a chart can be seen behind him, linking Cheryl Tunt to microwave, sex bot, a question mark, and "Climax?" along with the molecules for LSD-25 and ascorbic acid. On the wall by the door is Archer's chest X-rays showing his chemotherapy port.
  • The bathroom floor around Pam Poovey indicates that she had been using olive oil to assist with her pool ball situation.
  • After Nikolai Jakov reveals that Katya Kazanova has seen the Party Chairman involved in a gay orgy, Boris says "More like Lemon Party chairman."  This is a reference to an infamous shock website that showed a picture of a gay threesome between three very old men. You can try to find it on the Internet, but remember what has been seen cannot be unseen.
  • The profile of Katya Kazanova reveals many things about her. Her behavioral ticks include licking lips, curling hair, and eye fluttering. Her personal interests include sharp-shooting, advanced survival training, and snow mobile racing. She is listed as 27 years old, 5'9", 108 lbs, with green eyes and blond hair.
  • Bryan and Bilbo are in the ISIS Situation Room and both read Katya's displayed KGB file out loud.
  • When Barry Dylan arrives at the airport, under the alias, "Sy Berg" (Cyborg), an Israeli passport is shown. Among all the various stamps, like Saudi Arabia (where Israeli citizens are prohibited to travel), are letters of the Hebrew alphabet, in order, repeating over and over.
  • A Sky Air plane is visible behind Barry as he goes through airport customs.
  • During the episode, Ray Gillette comments on the irony of being legally licensed to conduct marriages for opposite-sex couples in New York State, yet unable to get married to another man. This episode aired on April 21, 2011; New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in New York State 64 days later, on June 24, 2011. (The bill took effect on July 24, thirty days after being signed.)
  • Cheryl Tunt copies Katya Kazanova's hairstyle at Archer's wedding - but she thinks it makes her look like a whore.
  • Cyril Figgis appears but doesn't speak.


  • When Barry Dylan's bionic cybernetic information is displayed, under "CORE REQUIREMENT:" "Maximum" is misspelled as "Maxium." (Not on the Blu-ray edition)



Malory: "What in the name of pre-paid venereal disease do you think you are doing?!"
Katya: "Darling, I know she is old, but you allow such talk from your secretary?"
Malory: "His what?"
Archer: "She's not, this is actually my mother" 
Katya: "бог мой!" (Bog Moy/My God)
Archer: "Mother, this is Katya Kasanova. She saved my life in Moscow, she's former KGB, she wants to defect and become an ISIS agent, and she's..."
Katya: "Mortified! I beg your forgiveness."
Malory: "I'm sure you do. And don't you want to freshen up after your long ride?"
Katya: "Uh!"
Archer: "Phrasing mother!"


Pam: "This deuce ain't gonna drop itself!"


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