Pam's dolphin puppet

The dolphin puppet is Pam's preferred tool in HR mediations. It is also featured in the Season 2 opening credits of Archer chasing after the "bullet".

The dolphin is an obscure reference to DUSO The Dolphin, a teaching aid from the 1980s.

Despite being a prominent in advertising for the series and a recurring element of the show and its intro, the dolphin puppet is not prominently featured in the actual series.

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  • In "Mole Hunt," Archer is seen beating Pam with the puppet after a failed HR mediation.
  • In "Mole Hunt," Pam uses it to explain to Krieger the importance of not raping the food in the break room.
  • In "Dial M for Mother," Pam uses it to try to tempt Brett into having sex with her.
  • In "Stage Two there is a flashback of Archer beating Pam with the puppet.
  • It is seen seasons later in the episode, "Reignition Sequence" being worn by Pam in a cartoon drawn by Cheryl.
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