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Pam's dolphin puppet

The dolphin puppet (aka Beauregard) is Pam's preferred tool in HR mediations. It is also featured in the Season 2 opening credits of Archer chasing after the "bullet".

The dolphin is an obscure reference to DUSO The Dolphin, a teaching aid from the 1980s.

Despite being a prominent in advertising for the series and a recurring element of the show and its intro, the dolphin puppet is not prominently featured in the actual series.

The Dolphin is never named until the third episode of the final season when Pam refers to him as "Beauregard". Beauregard is the last name of a Confederate General in the American Civil War.

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  • In "Mole Hunt," Archer is seen beating Pam with the puppet after a failed HR mediation.
  • In "Mole Hunt," Pam uses it to explain to Krieger the importance of not raping the food in the break room.
  • In "Dial M for Mother," Pam uses it to try to tempt Brett into having sex with her.
  • In "Stage Two there is a flashback of Archer beating Pam with the puppet.
  • It is seen seasons later in the episode, "Reignition Sequence" being worn by Pam in a cartoon drawn by Cheryl.
  • In "Identity Crisis" there is a sketch on the whiteboard of Pam wearing the dolphin puppet on her hand.
  • In "Plaque Removal" Pam insults Cyril with this dolphin.