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"Distraction Action" is the seventh episode of the thirteenth season of Archer, being the one-hundred and thirty-third episode overall.



Archer has a brilliant plan to evade capture, but he refuses to follow it.


Thanks to Fabian's manipulations, the Agency is blamed for all the international disasters they inadvertently caused due to the missions they took under the IIA. The gang, minus Ray, stays in an abandoned safehouse to keep out of the public eye and learn from the news that Fabian has gone missing. This puts them in a tough spot as they cannot return to the office or their homes due to the FBI and NSA investigating, and Lana has her custody hearing today, which will determine whether or not she loses custody of AJ. Archer puts together a plan to get Lana to the court without getting caught, saying they will use a series of distractions to give her more time. After the case ends, they will take Cheryl's private jet to leave the city and find Fabian for revenge. Archer rallies the group together, and they agree to go with the plan.

Because Lana's court case is serious, Archer says they must work professionally for this to work and says they cannot deal with any personal bullshit. They drive Lana to the courthouse, and she manages to sneak past a car of FBI agents, beginning her custody case with Robert. Meanwhile, Pam gets the FBI agents to chase after her on her motorcycle, and she manages to lose them thanks to Cheryl's fireworks.

Elsewhere, Archer goes to a local brothel and reunites with Trinette, the establishment's owner. He asks Trinette to help him ensure that Lana gets custody of AJ. Although reluctant to help Archer after everything he did to her in the past, Trinette gives him files containing all the shady deals Robert made that he shared with the prostitutes he slept with.

At the courthouse, Cyril distracts the FBI agents with his roller-skating skills, just as Archer makes it to the courtroom, where Robert puts up a strong argument against Lana's parenting skills. Archer gives Lana the files for her to use, but she decides not to use them as she refuses to use the same underhanded methods Robert has used. Deciding to end this once and for all, Lana convinces Robert to let AJ decide who she wants to be with. AJ says she wants to be with Lana, even asking why Robert would start this custody case as Lana is her birth mother and he is a creepy millionaire. The judge grants full custody to Lana, and AJ hugs her mother in celebration, even giving Archer his long-awaited hug. Robert tries to pass this court case as a secret test, but that is soon undermined by the reveal he is working as a mole for the FBI.

With their presence compromised, Archer and Lana escort AJ out of the courthouse and meet with the gang inside Krieger's van. They drive through the city and launch the van into the ocean to escape the blockages. However, the van moves painfully slowly, but they spot a yacht next to them that Trinette is hosting. Archer forcibly overtakes the yacht, and the group drives towards the airport just as the FBI chases after them. Pam provides them with weaponry she got from Alessia, and they manage to take out the FBI agents without killing them. Afterwards, they make it to the airport and get onto Cheryl's private jet, though Archer admits he did not think of who would fly the plane or where they were going. Still, they manage to fly away from the FBI agents thanks to an unexpected person: Slater of the CIA. Slater explains that thanks to Agency giving the files to Fabian from the bank, he blackmailed the President of Manatina and destabilized the country. Also, Slater reveals that Fabian has fled to the country with Ray, making the gang believe their friend has turned against them. Just as they start to give up, Cyril rallies the group and says they go kick Fabian's ass. However, he soon digs himself in a hole when he announces his intent to start dating again, making everyone mock him for being single for so long since Lana dumped him.


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