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"Danger Island: Disheartening Situation" is the second episode of Season 9, and the ninety-fifth episode overall.



Archer estimates his impact on the world while Pam samples the local nightlife.[2]


Whilst in the jungle scene fighting off what look like Komodo dragons, Fuchs says "Nothing is worth this - I don't care about the idol!" This seems to indicate that the bread-fruit plantation plan is a ruse and thus foreshadows some mysterious religious activities taking place on the island which may be key to the plot.  Lanaluakalani seems to be in on it too.


Cultural References[]

  • Spanish Civil War (1936-39):  Archer apparently lost his eye while fighting for the Republicans as a volunteer fighter pilot, where he fought the Condor Legion, a unit composed of military personnel from the Luftwaffe of Nazi Germany.
  • Andes: Archer mentions that he survived the "Paso de Muerte" (Death Step) [3] in the South American mountain range.
  • Full Metal Jacket (1987): Pam shouts "Get some! Get some!" while shooting her BAR, referencing a scene in the movie in which a U.S. Marine door gunner is seen wildly firing his M60 machine gun out of a helicopter at multiple targets while repeatedly saying the same phrase. ( VIDEO REF ).
  • Taken (2008): Pam references a line from the famous Liam Neeson speech, "I will find you, and I will kill you" when she tells Crackers, "I will find you, I will pluck you..."
  • Beer Can Chicken: Pam threatens Crackers by describing the process of preparing him for this barbecue recipe.
  • Hunger (2008): The chocolate smeared on the back wall of Charlotte Stratton's jail cell is a reference to this Steve McQueen film which depicts the events of the dirty protest, a Northern Ireland prison protest which included prisoners smearing feces on their cell walls [4].
  • High Pockets: Pam calls Princess Lanaluakalani "Highpockets", which is 1930's slang meaning a very tall man. [5]
  • Motupapa, French Polynesia: The island which Archer thinks is the closest with a runway is actually the name of a real-world rocky outcrop located just south of Ua Huka island. [6]
  • Arrested Development (2003-present): When Archer calls his plane "Lucille Goosille", this is a reference to the character of Lucille Bluth from this TV comedy show, and deep source of inspiration for Archer. Malory's character is based on Lucille, and shares the same voice actress, Jessica Walter.

Running Gags[]



  • Archer references the fan theory that he's actually immortal - or a genetically enhanced superhuman - since in the "real" Archerverse he's survived things that should kill a normal man. He literally shouts "I AM IMMORTAL!"
  • Mitimotu - The name of the fictional island roughly translates as 'Meat Island' [7][8] in the Maori language.
  • Motupapa - The island with the closest airstrip for Archer to try and land Loose Goose, is actually a tiny island (or rocky outcrop) just south of the island Ua Huka in French Polynesia and has an airport/airstrip[9].
  • Pam is wearing a P1903 British Army cavalry bandolier, ostensibly to carry spare magazines for her FN-D BAR. However, BAR magazines would not fit in the pouches, which were designed to hold 5 round stripper clips of ammunition, not 20 round box magazines.
  • Capitaine Reynaud is shown using a French SACM M1935A pistol, standard issue for the gendarmerie.
  • The car used for the rescue is a 1938 Peugeot 402 decapotable (convertible), distinguishable from earlier models by its one-piece windscreen.


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Archer: "I AM IMMORTAL!"


Charlotte: "You want me to be a whore?!"
Malory: "No, not a whore! Good heavens, no, you'd be more like a...courtesan."
Charlotte: "Whom men pay for sex!"
Malory: "And sparkling conversation."


Reynaud: "[in French] Attention! You must slow down!"
Archer: [driving Reynaud's car recklessly] "Oh, this piece of shit can go slower?"
Reynaud: "Of course, you— Oh, le sarcasme."
Archer: "Cognate! Nice!"


Pam: [shooting at Komodo dragons] "I'm out!"
Lanaluakalani: "We were supposed to vote!"
Pam: "I voted no! Reloading!"

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