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"Dingo, Baby, Et Cetera" is the sixth episode of the twelfth season of Archer, being the one-hundred and twenty-fourth episode overall.



Lana makes rookie mistakes, as ghosts from Archer's past haunts him on a special mission.


Archer, Lana, and Dr. Krieger go to Japan, to stop the allusive assassin "Dingo" from killing their target William.

Archer has numerous flashbacks about his first mission as a spy when he was much younger. He flies to Japan with his mentor McGinley who he'll later mirror in life, to protect the head of the Japanese mob the Yakuza; Kodo, from assassination attempt. When checking into their hotel room Archer meets Reiko, and after spending time with her begins to fall in love with her. Archer manages to protect Kodo from the first assassination and after words meets up with Reiko and she tells him that McGinley may be the culprit behind the shooting. At a luchador match with Kodo, McGinley tell Archer to do a sweep of the area, which Archer is concern about and starts to suspect Reiko might be right and he's up to something. Just than Archer meets Reiko who shows up and after a brief talk they go back to the match, but Archer finds that his pass was stolen by Reiko, who reveals herself to be the assassin "Dingo" and she kills Kodo and fatally shoots McGinley and escapes. With his last words, McGinley tells Archer that he'll "figure it out" than dies as Archer cries for him.

In the present, Archer, Krieger, and Lana plan their mission. Lana flirts with William to get close to him, only for them to end up cuddling with each other, which greatly disturbs Archer. Later Archer and Krieger try to trap the "Dingo" by using William as bait but Lana pulled him away, thus ruining the trap and angering Archer even further. They finally manage to bring out the "Dingo" aka Reiko who is now older and Archer and the others chase her across town. Reiko manages to shot Lana in the leg so Archer proceeds to chase Reiko, as they casually catch up on old times before he corners her to the rooftop of a building. Reiko tries to convince Archer to run away with her and as they lean to seemingly kiss, Reiko stabs Archer on his side. Grasping his wound, Archer says "I wish you hadn't done that", before he shoots her with a hidden gun from his cane and just before Reiko falls off the roof, they share one last loving stare with each other, showing that Reiko may have actually really cared about him.

Lana shows up and helps a wounded Archer walk and he notes this happened before, so he goes over to see if she really died. Upon seeing her corpse on the ground, he confirms her death and tells Lana that it was Reiko who called him "Archer" from the beginning, which Lana apologizes for what happen between him and Reiko, than Archer apologizes to Lana because she ruined her marriage because she cuddled with another man and basically cheated on Robert before Archer passes out.


Cultural References[]

  • The Wild One: Archer refers to a Japanese gang member dressed in biker gear.

Running Gags / Callbacks[]

S12E06-McGinley-Archer phrasing

McGinley teaches Archer "phrasing."

  • Phrasing! - McGinley uses phrasing, showing the origin of where it came from and how Archer has come to use it.
  • Krieger's Deviance - His love for Japanese tentacle porn, first shown in "Viscous Coupling", is revisited.
  • "Dammit, I had something for this" - at the end of the episode, McGinley says the line that Archer often uses, and it’s actually his last words.
  • Smoke bomb! - With an actual one this time! Reiko uses it (which was actually effective).


  • The origin of Archer being called Archer instead of Sterling is revealed - Reiko preferred it.
  • The likely inspiration for Archer saying "phrasing!" and "I had something for this" is copied by Archer from McGinley.


  • It is revealed a woman named Reiko whom Archer was romantically involved with on his first mission told him Sterling didn't fit him, which is why he goes by Archer to this day.
  • It is shown in the past that Archer had a better grasp of what it really meant to be a secret agent as he did not try to blow his cover.
  • It is shown that Archer was intended to stay focus and tried not to drink before a mission, when he was younger.


First Appearances[]


Archer: Could you move any slower?
Lana: I got shot!
Archer: Hah! We all get shot Lana!


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