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"Danger Island: Different Modes of Preparing the Fruit" is the third episode of Season 9, and the ninety-sixth episode overall.



Archer, Pam, and Crackers try to find the missing key to their latest get-rich-quick scheme.[2]




Cultural References[]

  • Catch-22: Pam refers to the situation regarding Loose Goose on the beach as a 'catch-22', a reference to the 1961 novel by Joseph Heller.
  • The Great Dictator (1940): When Fuchs mentions the Führer (Hitler) Lanaluakalani responds with "the Charlie Chaplin guy?". This is a reference to the movie's lead character Adenoid Hynkel, a satirical version of Hitler played by Charlie Chaplin who bore a striking resemblance to Hitler in the film.
  • Tales of the Gold Monkey (1982): Pam looks to the camera and explicitly states that the idol is "not a gold monkey" in a deliberate nod to this major source of inspiration for Danger Island. When Crackers interrupts and asks what Pam and Archer are talking about, Pam says "Why you're not a dog." This refers to the dog in TOTGM. (Photo Ref)
  • Ahnenerbe: Fuchs makes an indirect reference to this archeological and anthropological project of Nazi Germany when saying that Hitler is "a bit of an anthropology buff".
  • The Princess and the Frog:  Pam refers to Lanaluakalani and Fuchs as 'The Princess and the Kraut' possibly a reference to Disney tale which is loosely based on 'The Frog Prince'.
  • Missionaries / Hawaii: Lanaluakalani is critical of the way Christian missionaries 'bent over' the native Hawaiian people, and is skeptical of any American involvement on Mitimotu, preferring that Germany help liberate her people from the French.
  • Bear claw (pastry): A pastry similar to a Danish, originating in America in the early 20th century.

Running Gags[]

  • Luigi's: Clearly a terrible establishment.
  • Pick one: Malory's retort when issuing ultimatums / Lanaluakalani uses it when talking to Fuchs.
  • Robbery/Burglary: Crackers likes to maintain the strictest usage of these terms.
  • Krieger’s sexual fetishes: Crackers echoes Krieger's often stated predilections for weird sex when he thinks they’re hiring Cheryl for an orgy, asking if Archer means "like 'we' we?" (as in, he thinks that he is included in the group 'we' with Pam, Archer and Charlotte) and saying “that makes more sense” when Archer says "after dinner" (meaning the plan is to hire Charlotte to entertain Fuchs after dinner). Crackers is easily confused, being that he is an all-too-human parrot.
  • A big pencil/carrot: Fuchs says to Lanaluakalani "Ich habe einen großen Bleistift" and to Charlotte "I have eine große Karotte".
  • Why am I speaking English?: In his frustration, Fuchs says this aloud to himself after he's forcibly removed from the Hotel Lotus. In White Nights (s2e12), Archer exclaims this whilst pretending to be a Finnish skydiver after he's captured by the KGB, attempting to infiltrate Russia to determine if Nikolai Jakov is his biological father.


  • Reality (Non-Dream):
  • Dream / Reality Crossover:
    • (Dream) It is implied that Fuchs is well endowed. / (Reality) It's well established that Cyril Figgis is well endowed.
    • (Dream) Pam is shown to love bear claws. / (Reality) It's well established that Pam Poovey loves bear claws.
    • (Dream) Pam calls Archer "licknuts" / (Reality) Pam assigns Archer the call sign "Lickbag" in Archer Vice: Southbound and Down (s5e5).
    • (Dream) Charlotte sarcastically asks Fuchs "how are you still single?" / (Reality) Archer asks the same of Pam in Archer Vice: Southbound and Down (s5e5), although less sarcastically.
  • Dream (Non-Reality):
    • Fuchs continues to swear and say lewd things in his native German
    • eg. referring to his schlong:
      • "Lebenskraft" translates as 'vitality; life force'[3]
      • "Ich habe einen großen Bleistift" / "eine große Karotte" - I have a big pencil / carrot
    • Malory's attempts to play madam to Charlotte appear to be working.
    • The South American practice of eating guinea pigs - cuy - is mentioned in Season 8; attempting to sell chinchillas for food is mentioned in this epsiode; both are a type of rodent in the parvorder Caviomorpha.


  • Malory estimates the Loose Goose to be valued at $60,000 in 1938 dollars.
    • Adjusted for inflation that would equal $1,056,531 in 2018. [4]
  • The exchange rate for the German Reichsmark to United States dollars was 2.5 in 1938. This means Fuchs offers to pay at first the equivalent of $704,354 (2018 dollars) for the idol, which Lanaluakalani rejects. Fuchs final offer of one million Reichsmarks (400,000 1938 dollars) is worth $7,043,542 million today.
  • Charlotte’s job for Archer cost Pam 1,000 francs, which was noted by Pam as $35, American, equivalent to $616 today. After her split with Malory (and minus room and board), Charlotte will receive 9 dollars for her services, ($158.28 today) and Malory’s cut is $26 ($457.83).
  • This is the first time Fuchs is referred to by his given name 'Siegbert'.
  • Pam refers to Lanaluakalani and Fuchs as 'The Princess and the Kraut'. 
    • Kraut is a derogatory term for Germans, originating around 1918 in World War I and more commonly used in World War II.  It is derived from sauerkraut.
  • When Archer says he bets the idol is a gold monkey, Pam says she knows it's not (to the audience) and that it "could be gold as long as it's not monkey-shaped".  Presumably for legal reasons.
  • "To sharpen your pencil" is an idiom which is used in negotiations to refer to 'making a better offer' or 'reducing your price', as a pencil is reduced in size when sharpened.  It is also used in the context of accounting, for if one is about to conduct a lot of calculations on paper (in order to make savings) one must first sharpen one's pencil. It also has a sexual connotation (as alluded to when Fuchs' mentions his big pencil.)  Reed will no doubt have had all of these in mind, as context is always vital for the conveyance of meaning - especially if a double entendre is involved. 
  • According to character designer Shannon Manor, who was responsible for drawing Crackers, Crackers' character was originally intended to be a dog[5] - like the one in Tales of the Gold Monkey. Photo Ref ). This explains why Pam's (somewhat esoteric) response to Crackers' question "what are we talking about?" is "why you're not a dog."
  • Babu's cafe from Seinfeld - Luigi is more than likely a nod to Babu Bhatt (played by Brian George) a character from Seinfeld that opened a café but had no customers. On Jerry's suggestion, he changes the café to serve authentic Pakistani food and still has no customers and blames Jerry for his failures. 


For dialog translations, fictional product placement and interpretations see:



Archer: "I'm thinking new wings for Lucy are gonna cost about 5 grand."
Pam: "Which we don't have..."
Archer: "...and which we can't make without Lucy - we gotta fly to make money - but we gotta have the money to fly so..."
Pam: "Yeah - that's a real catch-22..."
Archer: "Uh, I don't think that's a thing yet, so..."


Malory: "Alright Miss Pris, let's go! Let's see the goods."
Charlotte: "Oh alright, but be nice, I didn't have much to work with."
Malory: "You can say that again...can't you pad it with something?"
Charlotte: "Pad what?"
Malory: "Your brassiere."
Charlotte: "No! I meant my wardrobe! I packed for a honeymoon, not a descent into profound and lasting shame!"
Malory: [finishes drink] "You're still going to want to pad it..."


Malory: "...Minus your room and board, so let's just call it an even...nine."
Charlotte: "Nine dollars? To have sexual intercourse. With a total stranger."
Archer: "I don't know why you're so pissed, I was a stranger and you banged me for free."
Charlotte: "Yeah, well at least with him I get two eyeballs."


Crackers: "Because why are you so mad?"
Archer: "Because why'd you shit on the sofa?"
Crackers: "I was scared!"
Archer: "Of what?"
Crackers: "How mad you'd be that I shit on the sofa!"

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