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Richard "Dicky" Woodhouse is the younger brother of Archer's servant Woodhouse. Dicky and Woodhouse have not seen each other in years. In season 2 ep 1 they had planned to go to Las Vegas together on a pre-paid vacation. Sterling guilted Woodhouse into allowing him to go in Woodhouse's place (even taking Woodhouse's vacation shirt and hat). While they were in Vegas, Dicky and Sterling:

  • Stayed in a luxurious hotel room
  • Gambled in casinos on roulette, craps and poker.
  • Played Russian roulette with the same group of people that Malory played with in her flashback during "Job Offer."
  • Saw a magic show where they participated and Archer sawed Dicky in half.
  • Got simultaneous blowjobs in an alleyway.
  • Were caught by the police for public indecency, and Archer told the authorities he was Cyril Figgis
  • While in jail, Dicky and Archer managed to escape in a police car and head for the Mexico border.

Archer returned to ISIS, but Dicky was still at large in Mexico. Woodhouse is unsure he'll ever get the chance to see Dicky again. Archer returned with Dicky's name tattooed on his back. It is assumed that Dicky got Archer's name on his back as well.

Unless Woodhouse has another younger brother, Dicky is revealed to be dead in The Papal Chase.


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