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"Deadly Velvet will redefine the genre!"
Ellis Crane[src]

Deadly Velvet is an upcoming film in the Archer universe.


Ellis Crane is the film's director. Veronica Deane plays an unknown role in the film, although she may not be playing the main role given Ellis Crane's views on such subjects.

At a fundraiser at Ellis Crane's mansion, Ellis Crane hired Lana Kane as a technical advisor.[1]

Once the film entered production, however, the set was plagued with unfortunate circumstances. A fire broke out, and a cast member was nearly killed. Distraught, Ellis Crane went to the Figgis Agency and hired them to find out who or what was causing the problem.

Once the Figgis Agency arrived, a runaway forklift could have resulted in the deaths of Veronica Deane and Alan Shapiro had Sterling Archer not thought ahead and pushed them out of the way.

Cyril Figgis managed to find out that a company called Sandhill Crane could benefit from having production on Deadly Velvet delayed, possibly making Ellis Crane rich. However, before Ellis Crane could be questioned, he was murdered. LAPD detectives Diedrich and Harris arrived and made all of the Figgis Agents, Alan Shapiro, and Veronica Deane persons of interest. Ellis Crane's time of death was ruled at 2:14 P.M., and Sterling Archer and Veronica Deane were ruled out, since Archer and Deane were together until almost the stroke of 3:00.[2]


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