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"Deadly Velvet: Part I" is the ninth episode of Season 7 and the eighty-fourth episode overall. It originally aired on May 26, 2016.



The Figgis Agency is hired by Ellis Crane to protect Veronica Deane on the set of Deadly Velvet.


After Archer saves Veronica Deane and Alan Shapiro from an out of control forklift she and Archer have "sticky" relations in her dressing room. While Shapiro tries to stop them with the help of Pam and Cheryl, Lana finds Archer in Veronica's dressing room naked and assaults him, yelling at him for sleeping with Veronica. Detective Diedrich and Harris inform them that Ellis Crane has been murdered and they are all suspects. Then Veronica says that it can't be her or Archer because they were together until "almost the stroke of three". The episode ends with more questions than answers.


Cultural References[]

  • Tenzing Norgay: Basking in the afterglow from his time with Veronica Deane, Archer asks, "I wonder if this is how Tenzing Norgay feels?" Tenzing Norgay was the Nepalese Sherpa who accompanied Sir Edmund Hillary, on May 29, 1953, as the first men to successfully reach the summit of Mount Everest.
  • Shanghai Noon (2000): A parody of this film called Shanghai Moon, which has been referenced in previous episodes, can be seen in poster form on the wall in Veronica Deane's dressing room.
  • Elton John: Pam calls Shapiro "Little Baby Elton" when he asks them about Archer, to which he tells them that he's straight. This is a reference to how Elton John is gay.
  • The Graduate (1967): The silhouette of Veronica Deane changing while telling Archer to get comfortable is a reference to the 1967 film.
  • Rain Man (1988): Malory tells Cyril to "get over it Rain Man" which is a reference the American movie about an autistic savant and his brother staring Dustin Hoffman & Tom Cruise respectively.
  • Wolverine: Detective Diedrich says one of Wolverine's most famous phrases, "Bub", when trying to calm down Detective Harris.
  • Planet of the Apes (1968): Cheryl says George Taylor's line "You maniacs! You blew it up! (out in Cheryl's context) Damn you! Goddamn you all to hell!" when the fire caused by the forklift was being put out.
  • The Brady Bunch (1969-1974): Malory refers to Liberia as "the cousin Oliver of Africa," a reference to Robbie Rist's character on "The Brady Bunch."
  • Fritz Lang: Archer calls Ellis Crane Fritz Lang when telling him to calm down. Fritz Lang was a prolific writer and director during the silent film era. He most notably directed Metropolis in 1929.
  • The Maltese Falcon (1941): When Lana is attacking Archer in Veronica Deane's dressing room she can be seen about to hit him with the famous falcon statuette movie prop from this classic film noir.
  • Sealab 2021 (2000-2005): Several cast members of Selab 2021 can be seen around the backlot wearing their distinctive orange or blue jumpsuits. Sealab 2021 was an animated show created by Adam Reed & Matt Thompson that aired on Adult Swim.
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey Mallory mentions HAL 9000 to Cyril, a reference to the computer used in the book and the movie.
  • Lucille Ball: One of the movie extras during the accident scene resembles Lucille Ball.

Running Gags[]

  • Phrasing: Archer says it to Veronica Deane after they have sex when she refers to a stain that will come out.



  • Krieger can be seen passing by in the background of several scenes wearing either his white lab coat or a police uniform.
  • Veronica Deane's stereo is likely modeled on the Pioneer SX-727 or SX-838 receiver, fitted with a Pioneer PL-518 or PL-560 turntable and Technics SB-HD350 shelf speakers.
  • Sealab 2021 is shown to be filmed in Studio 19 on the movie backlog. Several cast members and a standing set can be viewed through an open studio door.




Archer: "Let's go you dumb idiots, well one of you anyway, the rest of you I guess maybe carpool, Luigi won't let anybody ride in the cab, I mean unless your down for down for road head."
Pam: "Shotgun!"


Cheryl: "You killed it! It was beautiful and you blew it out! You maniacs! You blew it out! Damn you! Goddamn you all to hell!"


Cyril: "Hey, Malory, do you have a minute?"
Malory: "'Malory'? What happened to 'Ms. Archer'?"
Cyril: "Well, technically, they both work for me, so--"
Malory: "So you thought today would be a good day to try on your big-boy britches."


Cyril: "I mean, in all my years of accounting, I've never seen anything like it. And I've seen some pretty crazy stuff. Treating deferred revenue as earned revenue, lapping, force balancing, uh--"
Malory: "All right, Cyril, I get it. Yours is a world of mystery and adventure. But pretend that I'm not HAL 9000."


Pam: "Oh, how about I seduce him?"
Malory: "Huh...Pam, I doubt the man is bi-sexual."
Pam: "Who cares...wait, what?"
Malory: "And even if he were he wouldn't want a blob like you. I mean when was the last time you even saw your penis?"
Pam: "I--"
Cheryl: "She knows you're a woman, right?"
Pam: "I thought she did."
Cheryl: "Wait, you had sex with her."
Pam: "Ya but she was all tore up drunk, oh right plus I was wearing a strap..."
Cheryl: "Ooooo!"
Shapiro: "What?"
Cheryl: "Don't ask, you'll gag."
Pam: "She certainly did."


Shapiro: "And since apparently Archer's penis is like a crack pipe."
Lana: "What in size and or shape?"


Shapiro: "Don't do it! He's riddled with clap!"


Malory: "And what the hell are you wearing?"
Archer: "I think technically it's a loincloth, fashioned out of a baby doll nightie."
Malory : * sigh*
Archer: "Well I'm sorry mother I didn't know I would be going to a funeral. I would have worn a black one."

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