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Several Classic 'Archer' techniques and trademarks are employed in the opening episode of Season 9.


In the opening scene, three key plot points are foreshadowed:

Archer shoots ceiling

Archer shoots ceiling

  • 1. By shooting the ceiling to make everyone shut up, Archer foreshadows the arrival of Ray's dream persona Reynaud , who comes to the hotel to investigate the gun shots (amongst other things).

When Archer asks Pam's dream persona why she is in his room, she says: "Because the frickin' fuel pump is still hinky and we've got that charter"

This foreshadows:
  • Eye patch pass

    Charlotte passing eye patch

    2. The introduction of Lana's dream persona, Lanaluakalani (at the half way point) and the plot point that it is she who has booked the plane for charter.
  • 3. The crucial events involving the fuel pump in the plane in the final act.

Not crucial in terms of plot, the 'eyehole' licking and cancer gags are subtley foreshadowed in this scene as well, with Pam mentioning to Archer to put on his eye patch and Cheryl's dream persona Charlotte Stratton noticeably passing it to him. This primes us for the cut-way and the outburst/rant later on.

  • 4. Archer stood in front of maps on his wall foreshadows his search for the map in e3.
  • 5. Attention being drawn to Archer's lost eye foreshadows flashbacks in e4.


There are several callbacks which refer to things and events within this episode:

  • In the first flashback, whilst clearly inebriated, Charlotte mentions finding Archer's eye-patch sexy sayiing "I kinda wants to put my tongue in there". This is a callback to the opening scene where Archer is told by Pam he needs to put on his "patch, patch, eye-patch", with Charlotte then passing it to him. Then, later on during her rant at Archer, she says she wishes he would die of some "heretofore unknown form of eyehole cancer!"
    • Although the 'eyehole' is not mentioned directly in the first scene (a technique called 'breadcrumbing'), it is seen, and the following occurrences are direct callbacks to that visual reference. So the 'eye hole' is seen, implied then mentioned directly. Thus this is an application of rule of 3, with 2 callbacks and a breadcrumb. This is a classic Archer trademark.
      • It also references Cheryl's kinky side in the real world.
  • When Lanaluakalani ask's whether Archer is sure the plane can fly, he explains there is nothing wrong with 'Loosey Goosey', only cosmetic issues. When Pam tries to remind him that the fuel pump - foreshadowed earlier - was an obvious mechanical problem, she is shut down by Archer (presumably out of misplaced ego). This callback reinforces the foreshadowing of events which are still to come.
    • The fuel pump is mentioned, implied, then seen to be the decisive plot point. Again, 'rule of 3'. Interestingly, the 'fuel pump/gauge 'sequence (m/i/s) is the reverse of the 'eyehole' sequence (s/i/m).
      • The gauge is a visual reference for the pump, which you can't see, but the pump's failure is seen in sense that it is understood.


When Lanaluakalani greets Reynaud she asks him why they are speaking French.  He replies, because it is the official language of Mitimotu ("langue official de Mitimotu") - something which she would surely know as Princess of the island. This curious dialogue in another language hangs a lampshade on why they are speaking French, whilst highlighting the colonial context.  She retorts "En ce moment si", which translates roughly  as, "For the moment, yes."  This alludes to the subtext that she wants German assistance to rid her country of colonial rule by the French, as a pre-condition to assisting Fuchs' endeavours on the island (s9e3), and thus her hope that French won't be the official language for much longer. 

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