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Several Classic 'Archer' techniques and trademarks are employed in the sixth episode of Season 9.  More use is made of revelatory dialogue/exposition in this season, as the need to fill in backstories quickly is paramount.


Noah offers to help Archer and Pam by locating the 'giant boulders and poisoned darts and stuff' in exchange for letting him join them on their hunt for the idol.

  • "The legends all say the tupua is hidden deep inside a labryinth of shafts and tunnels packed with deadly booby traps" - Noah
  • The reveal is put off until the final episode.

Pam wonders on 2 occasions what human flesh will taste like:

  • the first time, she wonders what she would taste like - a culinary conundrum
  • the second time, she fantasises about what would constitute the ideal (morally purist) conditions for the taboo of cannibalism to fit her ethical and aesthetic requirements; Noah says she was almost word for word accurate in terms of how she and Archer were being prepared - minus the brain aneurysm.
  • combined, the former foreshadow the possibility at least, of eating Nazi's at the cannibals feast in honour of their friendship. [spoiler] Pam indeed eats some Nazi in the next episode. [spoiler]  

[spoiler]  Noah's remarks about the cannibals vis a vis testicles - which is cut off (phrasing) in the ensuing chase - foreshadows Charlotte's meal at the end of the next episode.  Was Noah about to say "they are a delicacy served on oyster shells"? [spoiler]  


  • Lanaluakalani to her mother - I told you that in confidence / Archer to Pam - I told you that in confidence.
  • Charlotte asks Lanaluakalani to "please tell me you have oysters" / She wonders if the mua mua will have "an oyster bar".  (Not only are her tastes extravagent, she seems to have very little comprehension of reality outside of the New York elite.)  Foreshadows the next episode, and callback to Dreamland Berenice where Charlotte says she wants fried clams from "one of those darling little shacks".
  • A German shoots a howler monkey, as was his wish in the previous episode.
  • The Germans sing 'It's a long way to Tipperary' again.


Archer and Pam want to escape, but Noah, the only person who could help them, inexplicably either can't or won't.  He hasn't had to think about escaping since he isn't being held captive, in spite of the fact they ate his arm, which many people would consider serious grounds for leaving.  When they ask him for his help, he tells them he can't as he is there "to document, not interfere".  In all, a very useless and contradictory human being - unless he can help them find the idol...

No-Hand Wave[]

As no full (let alone satisfactory) explanation is given for him staying after losing his hand, this could be called subverting the trope of hand waving.  No-hand waving.


Reynaud holds his gun up to Lanaluakalani / A German shoots at howler monkeys

Revelatory Dialogue[]

  • The importance of the idol is stressed:  according to Lanaluakalani's father, the King of Mitimotu, the tupua is 'sacred', has 'awesome' and 'magical powers', and is 'legendary for a reason.'
  • Lanaluakalani is revealed to have westernised views of the idol as a 'silly native legend', with her father reminding her that she is a native.  He chastises her for having a "profound ignorance" of the idol after she calls it a "mouldy old statue", and her mother for raising "a fool".
  • As someone who studied in New York and tried to set up an art gallery there, Lanaluakalani's father sees her as having plans to move back with the "Papālangi[1] in New York City again".  This term is of disputed meaning but in Samoan it is used to refer to natives who are living in a westernised way.  
    • This may be the King's way of demonstrating his dislike at Lanaluakalani's westernised attitudes and ignorance of her own culture, and a general distrust of cultural imperialism.  (Race traitors or 'Uncle Toms' are never looked on favourably by the race who has been betrayed).

Self Reference[]

For some remarks on the title and meaning, see here.


  • Pam mentions Archer being 'pioneer jerky', which is visually alluded to about 20 seconds prior to her saying it as a native woman hangs meat out on a curing rack.

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Author: Communications of the Highest Kind (talk)