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Lana spears a lizard

Several Classic 'Archer' techniques and trademarks are employed in the second episode of Season 9.


  • Whilst in the jungle scene fighting off what look like Komodo dragons, Fuchs says "Nothing is worth this - I don't care about the idol!" This foreshadows some mysterious religious activities taking place on the island which may be key to the plot.
  • When Charlotte mentions 'ruse' (see below), she foreshadows the many ruses which are to follow.


Several uses of quick cuts (or interstitial editing) allow jokes to carry over from one unrelated scene to another in a call and response fashion. eg.

  • Scene A:  "Fat bitch!" (Archer to Loose Goose// quick cut //  Scene B:  "Fette Schlampe!" (Fuchs to Pam)
  • Scene A:  "OK Luce, it's now or never..." (Archer) // quick cut //  Scene B::  "Never!" (Charlotte to Malory)
  • Scene A:  "I'm genuinely sorry..." (Crackers to Pam) // quick cut // Scene B:  "...but I'm absolutely commandeering your vehicle" (Archer to Reynaud).


A ruse is a deceit, or misdirection, to achieve a hidden aim.  

  • When Charlotte protests that Reynaud's release of her from jail is "some kind of ruse!  You're going to shoot me in the back or, or..."  Malory says, "it's not a ruse, I paid your bail"  But she doesn't say why.  It turns out, Malory secretly planned to blackmail Charlotte into being a courtesan (prostitute), so it was a deceit on Malory's part after all (just not Reynaud's).  As Malory refused to tell him why she wanted to have Charlotte released in the first place the ruse was perpetrated on them both.
  • When Fuchs mentions his interest in the idol, we discover that the planned bread fruit plantation (mentioned in the previous episode) was just a ruse to tell Archer and Pam.  We discover in the next episode that Lana is in on the deception too.

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