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Several Classic 'Archer' techniques and trademarks are employed in the third episode of Season 9.


  • Charlotte's drunken state is foreshadowed by her diet of brandy and bear claws, and her lack of enthusiasm to be Malory's courtisan.
  • The idol continues to be a source of intrigue:  Pam and Archer are now seekers of it, any clues to it's whereabouts.
  • Pam sarcastically says the map will have "an X on it, treasure chest, skull and bones." There is a skull and bones to the right of the idol, which is a glowing green symbol.


  • Chincilladas.
  • Archer's recent plane crash: with Pam providing a refit, Loose Goose is theoretically ready to fly.
  • Luigi's restaurant: it is set up twice as a terrible establishment and then used in the final punch line.
  • Charlotte toots her horn 3 times.
  • Fuchs and his wilhelm (pencil/carrot)


The final joke involves a combination of several callbacks to the night before, in which the object of comparison changes, via a quick-cut, from Fuchs' terrible breakfast, to the horror of being attacked by a 'bat', the terrible map, and the horror of being mistaken for a bat:

  • Fuchs calls back to the previous night's encounter with Crackers.
  • Archer calls back to when Pam drew the map.
  • Crackers calls back to being mistaken for a bat.

Fuchs:  "So for context: last night I was attacked by what I can only assume was a giant jungle bat, which did this to my face and left me and my house covered blood und shit" 
Luigi:  "Ah, terrible!" 
Fuchs:  "Ja, ja, it was indeed terrible but not compared to this breakfast"
Archer:  "...and probably not compared to this goddammned map"
Pam:  "Ah, come on, I was in a hurry"
Archer:  "To what?  Suck?"
Crackers:  "I'll tell you what sucks - being mistaken for a bat.  Hmmm, but not as much as that map!"


Archer and Pam devise a ruse to keep Fuchs away from his bungalow long enough for them to rob it (technically burgle).  It involves Charlotte and 1000 francs.


The 'treasure map', as Archer refers to it, is a way of lampshading the 'treasure hunt' feel of this season so far. The idol is clearly the main plot driver, motivating all the characters.  When Archer says "why would the map have pirate shit all over it?" the next shot pulls out to reveal him with an eye patch and a parrot - very reminiscent of a stereotypical one-eyed pirate with a parrot.  Crackers adds the non-sequitur "well we are in the shipping lane" to distract from the obvious implausibility of the situation. (Modern day pirates attack boats in shipping lines).

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