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Several Classic 'Archer' techniques and trademarks are employed in the seventh episode of Season 9.  As the series nears its end and builds to a climax, many more callbacks are able to be included.


  • Archer mentions an 'uber boss' appearing after waves of attackers / Fuchs appears as such a boss.


  • Fuchs' amphetamine abuse.
  • Alcohol substitute - Malory drinking 'phlegm-sangria' is similar to her drinking isopropyl alcohol in Space Race.
  • Eunuchs ('Blimpkins', being an actual eunuch).
  • Oysters (Charlottes desire for them returns).
  • Noah's mention that the Mua Mua "don't eat the penis, but the testicles though..." returns as Charlotte's meal.
  • Noah's time spent educating Archer on idioms in the HOA trilogy.
  • Pam telling Malory about the idol over the radio is indirectly called back to - it is not mentioned directly, as Archer seemingly doesn't remember who told her.  (see lampshading below).
  • Pam ends up eating something that tastes a bit like chicken.
  • The Mech/loader from Aliens 2 (and Space Race).


  • Archer seems genuinely astonished at the implausibility of the B-Team arriving at the cannibals village.  He seems to have forgotten who told Malory about the idol, which is ironic given that he was most unimpressed with Pam for letting it slip that there was an idol at the beginning of s9e5.  This is a way of subtly lampshading the fact that if Pam hadn't told Malory they were looking for an idol, then Malory wouldn't have been out looking for them (Archer and Pam), as well as the idol, and therefore wouldn't have have joined with the A-team in order to move the plot forward towards it's finale.
  • Malory laments that they have managed to find the "one culture of earth that lacks a basic knowledge of fermentation."  This hangs a lampshade on the obscure fermentation practices of some indigenous peoples, which she later describes on the battle field, namely the alcoholic beverage chica which is a spit-based drink wherein the saliva begins the breakdown of starches into sugars, which are then available for fermentation by ambient yeasts.[1] (Genius bonus trope).


  • French incompetence
  • Figurative Emasculation and Literal Castration
  • Fuchs turns into a Hitler parody

Drug References[]

Alcohol, methamphetamine and poisonous frogs are all mentioned, with their comparative affects demonstrated by Malory, Fuchs and Pam respectively.


  • Mortar.../...Fire!

Revelatory Dialogue[]

  • Lana reveals her plan for the idol: she could have found it and been "half way to New York by now."
  • Malory reveals her intention to screw everyone else out of the idol, saying "that idol is all mine, missy."
  • Charlotte lets being deified go to her head a little - she is immortal and time is irrelevant to her.

Cultural References[]

  • During the battle with the nazi stormtruppen when the mortar is striking the village, Krieger yells "Nazi punks, fuck off!" - this is most likely a reference to the song of the same name released by the Dead Kennedy's in 1983.

Self Reference[]

  • Archer mentions the need to 'montage the shit out of' their training sequences, only for the montage sequence to never materialise (subversion of the trope).  This comes with an obscure shout out to the inventor of montages, Sergei Eisenstein.

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