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Several Classic 'Archer' techniques and trademarks are employed in the fourth episode of Season 9.


  • "Keep an eye peeled" / "Keep an eye out" - Pam's radio chatter foreshadows the loss of Archer's eye.
  • The way Ziegler shoots Archer down ('camping') foreshadows the way Pam shoots down Ziegler.
  • Malory's talk about 'business management' foreshadows Charlotte's decision to take back control of the 'business'.


  • At the beginning of the episode, Pam says to Archer:
"once you see the surprise - keep comin' - you'll forget all about being mad about the map"

This is a callback to the previous episode, in which Pam drew a particularly bad drawing of the map.  With no decent map to work with, Archer is able to deal with his nemesis instead, and the discovery of the idol is put into the background for now.  Several other callbacks occur:

  • The cannibals are called back to by Fuchs.
  • Coconut butter is set up by Malory and called back to twice for greatest punch on the third landing.
  • The idol is called back to by Fuchs, along with the verdammt lizards.
  • Eunuch is called back to by Fuchs (possible running gag if he keeps mentioning them).


  • ( Verbal ) Fuchs being warned about getting his balls cut off, and assuming the body guards are eunuchs (potential foreshadowing, at least to s9e7).
    • Reynaud being put in a barrel, and France being conquered by Germany are all allusions to figurative and literal emasculation.
    • Archer wants to exact revenge - an eye for an eye - but he first wants to shoot off Ziegler's dick.  A very graphic allusion to the same idea.
  • ( Visual ) When Pam says "chicken shit," she looks at the camera and then begins to squeeze icing onto the kringle she is making.


Archer plans to involve Pam in a ruse to lure Ziegler into the kitchen so he can shoot him.  He is talked out of it by Pam (and Crackers).

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