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Several Classic 'Archer' techniques and trademarks are employed in the eighth and final episode of Season 9. Much prior foreshadowing has lead to the finale, and callbacks are incorporate to elicit extra laughs.


The labyrinthine temple with booby traps is foreshawed by Noah, and perhaps a bit over-sold. (It is surprisingly easy for them to gain access to the inner sanctum: all they had to do was pull the entrance door and push the second door.  This subverts the trope of complex entrances: even without reading the petroglyphs, it wouldn't have taken long to figure out push/pull).


The bone callback: this is a candidate for the best/cleverest joke in the season, and pure comedy (in this editors opinion):  

Malory: "Why would those cannibals have let us come all this way to find the damn thing if they knew it would kill us?"  

Noah: "I really can't stress how much they hate white people"  [this is a callback to the previous episodes where he explained how racist they are, and establishes a motive (M) for what follows].

Pam: "Even after we ate Nazis together?"  

Noah: "Oh yeah. I bet they're laughing their well toned asses off"  

[cut to Chief laughing his ass off - call this A]
[then you have a bit of banter, Fuchs arrives, they have a shoot out]
[Pam goes to reload, finds bones, which means the cannibal chief has replaced their ammo with the bones, because (M): he really hates white people and wants them to die - which Noah has already reminded us of.]
[cut to cannibal laughing his ass off again - call this B]

Archer: [finds bones instead of ammo] "Goddamit!"

Noah: "It's not often you find a primitive people who understand the callback [call this D]- oh crap, I've gotta rewrite my thesis!"

Right, the joke is this:  

  • Noah mentioning a "primitive people who understand the callback" is a callback to the previous episode when he mentions the Mua Mua not having any filmic references (when Archer berates him about not being able to translate montage). [Call this C].
  • The double-cut away to the chief laughing is the writer/director doing a callback as the chief laughing is likely not going on at the same time as the discovery of the bones etc. It's a meta-callback: the writer's are playing around with it, having fun, and the cannibals don't really understand 'the callback', the writers do (and hopefully the audience too).
  • So B>A is a meta-callback, because this is the writer/director having fun across the 2 scenes, which are related by virtue of the bones, but not necessarily occurring at the same time.
  • D>C is a classic callback across episodes. 
  • Both rely on the set-up (A and C) for the callback (B>A; D>C) to work. The set-up is different in both cases, but they are both species of callback.
  • All the subsequent bone-tossing etc is just extra callbacks to the initial bones, forming a miniature running gag for the duration of the scene.

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