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Cyborgs are best described as humans fused with machines turned into basically superhuman entities. Both Dr. Algernop Krieger and the KGB were working on projects concerning creating cyborgs, with Krieger working 8 years on his, but ultimately the Russians were able to create theirs first.

Manufactured Men (and Woman)[]

  • In Double Trouble (s2e13), the reconstructed remains of ODIN agent Barry Dylan, who had been hospitalized and captured by KGB agents, were converted into a super-humanly strong, super-humanly fast, and near indestructible cyborg.
  • In Skin Game (s3e11), Krieger was similarly able to create a cyborg from the broken remains of Katya Kazanova, ironically using the exact same Soviet technology because of the "savings". Unfortunately, he couldn't salvage her skin, instead using the skin of an unknown number of "hobos" (homeless people). The fact Krieger used Soviet chips meant that, unbeknownst to him, Barry would be able to track the whereabouts of Katya and therefore Archer.
  • Krieger also gave a robotic hand to Conway Stern at an unknown time (not shown in any episode).

By Season 7, Krieger began creating cyborg duplicates of the core group of the Figgis Agency, complete with realistic flesh and blood on a robotic body.

Nightmare Fuel[]

In Season 8, Dreamland, Archer's subconscious conjures up the evil Dutch Dylan, an ultra-psychotic version/dream persona of Barry. Krieger is once again responsible for the creation of this monstrosity which fuels Archer's nightmares throughout the season.

Known Cyborgs[]