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Series Archer
Season No. Season 10
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Episode No. 8
Original Air Date July 24, 2019
Written by Adam Reed
Production Code XAR010008
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Archer 1999: "Cubert" is the eighth episode of Season 10, and the one hundred and ninth episode overall.



Archer is convinced a mysterious object is causing the crew to act strangely.


The crew of the MV Seamus takes aboard a mysterious, reflective cube which seems to have properties unlike those known to anyone on the crew, including Dr. Krieger. When suddenly the crew finds their newfound object missing, members scatter to hunt down their new bounty. For Mr. Archer, however, the hunt grows more and more confusing with each appearance of characters and clothing that seems out of place yet all too familiar. 


Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Sphere (1998): The shimmering cube is similar to the gold sphere in the movie, which contained an alien intelligence which called itself Jerry. After entering the sphere, Samuel L. Jackson character developed a ravenous appetite—like Carol did after her head was freed from the cube.
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968): The strange cube also resembles the monolith discovered at the beginning of 2001 which some interpretations claim is an alien intelligence. A less popular but compelling theory supposes that the monolith symbolizes the movie screen itself. This could symbolize breaking the fourth wall of Archer's dream state as his coma resolves.
  • Alien franchise: Carol had a sudden seizure during the feast, just like in the Alien movie before the Xenomorph broke out from the chest of Kane.
  • Alien film: Archer choked Lana with the rolled up magazine like Ash choked Ripley with a rolled up magazine in the Alien movie.
  • Star Trek franchise
    • "Isn't it crazy that that little scanner can do all those wildly different tests?" –Archer (making allusion to the tricorder, a staple in the Star Trek franchise performing similar seemingly magical functions)
  • J.R.R. Tolkien: "Maybe it's mithril!" Mithril is a fictional metal in Middle-earth.
  • Mattel's Ken doll: Throughout season 10, the Krieger synthetic human is sometimes referred to as "Ken", because Mattel's Barbie and Ken dolls were famously made without genitalia.

Running Gags / CallbacksEdit

  • Flashbacks - Archer hallucinates seeing the MV Seamus crew in their prior roles, such as Lana Kane in her classic sweater dress, the rock creature Pam as Pam Poovey and TV's Michael Gray.
  • (Space) Phrasing - said by Pam when Malory wonders about Krieger's ultra-long 26-digit security code.
  • Ambergris - "Maybe it's ambergris!" Ambergris is the name of E18 in S4 (2014) of Bob's Burgers, the other animated series Jon Benjamin stars in.
  • Carol's choking fetish - The "Robots Amok!" magazine seen in this and at least one other episode in season 10 is a callback to Carol's choking fetish. In S1 E7, "Skytanic", Cheryl has choke sex with Cyril aboard the luxury airship Excelsior. In S3 E10, Barry Dillon, now a cyborg, finds Nikolai Jakov by seducing Cheryl into choke sex.


  • Dream / Reality Crossover:
    • (Dream) ... / (Reality) ...

  • Dream (Non-Reality):


  • non-cultural reference; misc information etc
  • The callbacks to some of the characters 'real' identities may indicate he is coming out of his coma.


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First AppearancesEdit


(Krieger typing in a 26 digits long security code to enter the room where Archer is assaulting Lana

Krieger: "Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on! "
Malory: "Why the hell is it so long?"
Pam: "Space Phrasing!"
Krieger: "That's just how it comes."
Pam: "Two for it."
Cheryl: "Oh my god, just reset it, doctor Science."


Pam: Well, how do you like THESE titties?




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