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"Sterling Archer, codename Duchess... known from Berlin to Bangkok as the world's most dangerous spy. So for us, this is, how you say, a "good get"."

Kremenski (Russian: Кременский, Kremenskiy), better known by his alias Crenshaw, who appeared in Mole Hunt, where he was a KGB mole in ISIS. He tried to steal some of the money in Sterling Archer's bank accounts and escape, but was killed by Archer. His voice was provided by Keith Szarabajka.


Season 1[]

"Mole Hunt"[]

Crenshaw is first seen training Archer in the event of KGB torture. However, he keeps changing accents (and threatens to electrocute Archer with a golf cart battery), which prevents Archer from taking the exercise seriously. Malory angrily ends the exercise. Archer tries to kick Crenshaw in the face, but Crenshaw dodges. Archer tells Crenshaw to smell his foot, but Crenshaw instead uses the golf cart battery on it.

While Archer attempts to cover up the inappropriate use of his expense accounts, he pretends he is on a mole hunt. This lie forces Crenshaw to reveal himself as a KGB operative named Kremenski. During the course of his escape attempt, he takes Malory hostage, threatening to kill her. Archer gets an erection from this, which freaks out Crenshaw long enough for Archer to shoot him four times; three times in the chest, once in the head. Archer then used Crenshaw's betrayal to cover up the inappropriate use of his expense accounts.


  • Crenshaw is the first character to ever speak in the series as well as the first one to die on screen.
  • Crenshaw uses a Luger pistol, which is of German make.
  • In "White Nights", a KGB agent tortures Archer in the exact same way Crenshaw did in their exercise.
  • In a flashback to Archer and Lucas Troy's training graduation banquet in "The Wind Cries Mary", Crenshaw is seen sitting at the table, indicating he was with ISIS for many years.


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