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Crackers is the dream persona of Dr. Krieger in Season 9 "Danger Island".


"Crackers is the audacious scarlet macaw who is Archer’s other sidekick. Quick with important facts or a wise-ass remark, Crackers is sure to ruffle the feathers of those who meet him. He’s just a parrot, who can talk, don’t make a big deal out of it."[1]


Crackers is a speaking bird, specifically a Scarlet macaw, and macaws are members of the parrot family.

  • He can be seen wearing miniature hats and clothes while participating in Archer and Pam’s schemes, like a chef's hat and apron or a tiny pilot’s cap.

Character traits[]

  • Speaks/talks (as opposed to mere mimicry).
  • Dislikes crows (and other birds generally).
  • Dances (reacts to music).
  • Drinks alcohol.
  • Wise crackin' smart ass.


Parrot hoa2

Crackers is a callback to the dishevelled scarlet macaw Archer encounters in Heart of Archness: Pt II. Crackers is more vocal, however, and his plumage is in better condition than his real world precursor. Neither bird is native to their location in the show: the natural habitat of the scarlet macaw is Central to South America, ranging from Mexico to Brazil.

Running Gags[]

  • Mites - He is riddled with them, apparently.
  • Other Birds - Crackers dislikes other birds, especially those mentioned in common idioms: crows (as in "as the crow flies"), geese (he points out that "other birds have bumps!"), and ducks (as in "the sense God gave a duck"). Others describe this attitude as racist.
  • "Shut up, bird!" - Others tell him this all the time, mainly because he doesn't do it.


Provider of non-sequiturs (shipping lane), obscure references (Hendrik Hondius), and lame puns ("the pits"), Crackers is 1930s comic relief in avian form.

Cultural References[]

  • Pirates in popular culture: There are too many references to list them all, but it is a well-known cliché to depict pirates with parrots.
  • The show It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, another FX production moved to FXX in later seasons, also has the recurring line "shut up, bird" (albeit much less frequently) in reference to the character Deandra Reynolds. Although Dee is not a bird, the other main characters constantly tell her she looks like one, especially if they can't think of a better joke and/or want to shut her up.


Crackers: Actually, technically I'm a macaw which is actually a type of parrot so I, I'm technically a parrot actually but I mean technically I'm...
Pam: Rambling?
Crackers: I almost died, woman!


Archer: Hey Crackers. Crackers! C'mere buddy. Okay, so listen...
Crackers: Yeah, not great huh?
Archer: No, no, not great. I'm gonna do the best I can but we're gonna hit the water pretty hard, probably even flip over.
Crackers:  Uhm-huh...
Archer:  There's a bunch of life jackets in the storage locker so I want you to get in there and hunker down, okay buddy? Hopefully that'll cushion the impact.
Crackers: Oh! You're talking to me?
Archer:  Who else would I be talking to...? Oh.
Crackers:  Yeeeaahhh.
Archer:  You can fly.
Crackers:  Yeeaaahh.
Archer:  Sooo, you're out of here?
Crackers:  Is that weird?
Archer:  I mean...
Crackers:  Yeah, obviously it's weird if you make it weird.


Pam: Happy?
Crackers: Happy that you drink barbecue sauce?
Pam: It's basically V8.
Crackers: It's brown sugar and ketchup!


(Archer and Pam are trapped in quicksand.)
Crackers: Yeah, try not to thrash around. It makes you sink faster.
Pam: How would you know?
Crackers: Cowboy movies.


Archer: Why’d you shit on the sofa?
Crackers: I was scared!
Archer: Of what?
Crackers: How mad you’d be that I shit on the sofa!

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