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"Coyote Lovely" is the eighth episode of the fourth season of Archer.[1]



The ISIS crew heads to the Mexican border to save a coyote, but Archer and Lana soon find themselves being smuggled over the border with an immigrant family.


Dear Sterling

Mercedes' note.

Sterling Archer goes to the Mexican border to find a notorious coyote, "Mercedes Moreno" who turns out to be a gorgeous woman. Hoping to have sex with her, Sterling incapacitates Lana Kane and Cyril Figgis and proceeds to help Mercedes and Chuy to continue moving the people they were smuggling. A brush with Border Patrol leaves Sterling to need medical attention from an alcoholic veterinarian. Eventually, Mercedes reveals, via a note, that this was all a ruse, and Maria Moreno (Mercedes' mother) was the actual coyote.


Cultural References[]

  • Title Explained: The title of this episode is a satire of the film "Coyote Ugly."
  • When Malory asks Lana and Cyril how the mission went wrong Lana answers, "Kind of slowly at first..." finishing it later with "...and then very, very suddenly." This line is a reference to a conversation in Ernest Hemmingway's 1926 Novel The Sun Also Rises when Bill asks Mike how he went bankrupt.
  • Archer carves "DOM" on a rock using the butt of his knife, referencing the 1985 film Fandango (starring a young Kevin Costner and Judd Nelson and ending memorably with Blind Faith's "Can't Find My Way Home"). Fandango is a film about five college students from Texas in 1971 who go on a "last" road trip together, celebrating the "privilege of youth" as they face graduation, marriage, and the draft for the Vietnam War. The students drive to the Mexican border to get "Dom", which turns out to be a bottle of Dom Perignon they buried when they were freshmen. The bottle is buried under a remote rock that has "DOM" scrawled on it.
  • When Archer handcuffs Cyril to Lana he says, "Just like the Defiant Ones." The Defiant Ones was a movie in which two prisoners, one black (Sidney Poitier) and one white (Tony Curtis), escape while shackled to one another.

Running Gags / Callbacks[]

  • Tinnitus - Lana makes Archer's worse by yelling into his earpiece.
  • I actually have some thoughts on that....
  • 934TXS: The border patrol truck's license plate is "J 934TXS".
  • Voicemail Pranks - One of the rare times that Archer isn't pranking Malory, she assumes he is.
  • ....Inappropriate - Lana and Cyril laugh at the thought that Archer really got shot, then realize that's inappropriate.


  • Mercedes' surname Moreno means "Brown" in Spanish.
    • The name Maria Moreno (Mercedes' mother), may be a reference to Mary Brown Austin; The mother of Stephen F. Austin, known as the Father of Texas, she persuaded him to colonize Texas.
  • The scorpion in the foreground at the beginning is a callback to Season 1 Episode 9 of "Sealab 2021," "All That Jazz," wherein Captain Murphy befriends a scorpion (who he names Ben), while trapped under a fallen soda machine. Ben, in turn, was a reference to a movie about a boy befriending a murderous rat.
  • Sterling Archer seems to have learned some Spanish by the time of this episode.
  • As Mercedes tries to come up with a snappy line while capturing the border patrol, Mercedes echoes Archer's famous line (a recurring joke) "Wait, I had something for this," albeit in Spanish.
  • Bilbo is alive in this episode, albeit momentarily. Malory slaps him which causes a fatal heart attack. Doctor Algernop Krieger is the only one who notices, but in an act of Schadenfreude, does nothing to help. In a previous episode, "Once Bitten", Bilbo's death is alluded to when Krieger defends his inability to use the satellite array to Malory: "Yeah, I don't actually know how any of this works. That was the fat guy you killed." According to production codes, this episode was supposed to be the second in the season, which explains the discontinuity. Despite this, the episodes remain in airing order on the Season 4 DVD, maintaining the discontinuity.
    • Although the production codes suggest the episode is played in a different order than originally planned there is a second possibility. In the pilot (Mole Hunt) when Archer walks into the control room and says: "Hey you geeks want to smell something" while holding the curry smelling shirt there are two shots showing two Bilbos, front and back, divided by the geek that states: "Archer get the hell out".
    • At one point in this episode, Malory Archer (hopefully idly) threatens to pump nerve gas through the vents, and Lana eyes her warily, clearly wondering whether she’s joking. In "Viscous Coupling,” Episode 5 of the season, Lana is in the vents at ISIS and exclaims “Holy shit! there really are nerve gas canisters up here. I thought that was a joke.” This line is clearly a callback to Lana hearing Malory make that throwaway joke, and it would make a bit more sense if the episode were to have aired in its original order. However Lana’s weary expression is ambiguous, so it could also be interpreted as knowledge that there actually are nerve gas canisters in the vents, making Malory’s joke also a credible threat.
  • Malory is seen drinking Glengoolie Black.
  • The vet tells Archer to watch out for dehydration, internal bleeding, sepsis, MRSA, and feline AIDS.
  • The border patrol agents use the term "spook" to refer to Archer as a spy. Archer mistakes it as an obscure racial slur used against Black people.
  • This is the first episode that openly questions the possibility that Archer may be autistic.
  • When the border patrol car crashes, it hits the one small section of fence present and next to it is a sign that says (MORE FENCE COMING SOON!).
  • The semi-truck that Maria Moreno is driving says Pita Margaritas on the side of the truck. Pita Margaritas is a bar that the ISIS staff frequents (see "Crossing Over").


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