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Cornelius Varma is a former agent and partner of Malory Archer. He was voiced by Aasif Mandvi.


In his youth, he was an agent on assignment where he encountered Malory Archer in a team that to take down the common foe. It was also shown they pursued a sexual relationship.

Years later, he encounters Malory again and she mistook him for someone else, but he revealed it was him. Although she was disappointed that he was now seemingly old and frail, Cornelius told her that he’s been run out by the younger generation of agents, and they were seemingly no spot for him except to be a farmer. However, he eagerly joins her for this mission, and he shows that he still has some of his old talents which come in handy for Malory.


  • Despite no longer being an agent and being retired, Cornelius is shown to still have his touch being able to hear an approaching motorcycle from far away and steal it with no problem.
  • Malory implies after the mission that she and Cornelius slept together, as she states he is still the lover she remembers.
  • It is possible his words inspired Malory to retire, as she did so in the season finale.

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