Chum Guzzler
First appearance "Skorpio"
Owner Rental Company
Primary Color Red and White
Details and Features
Purpose Charter for vacations
The Chum Guzzler is a small boat chartered by Nikolai Jakov for a vacation with Malory Archer in the episode, "Skorpio." The deck had plenty of room for a barbecue and other vacation activities.

It was destroyed when the massive propellor, from Spirodon Skorpio's mega-yacht, landed on it after the yacht exploded.

Punny NameEdit

  • 'Chum' is a fishing term for chopped meat and other materials (blood, entrails etc) used as bait when fishing.
  • The boat's name is likely to be a pun of 'cum guzzler' as Jakov's name is also a pun of 'jack off'.
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