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Lana's leaking leftovers

Chinese food is a very common meal consumed by the employees of ISIS. Many times, they are unable to finish their meals and need to bring their leftovers home with them. The Chinese restaurant they usually eat at always wraps the leftovers in tin foil and sculpts them to look like a swan.


The Chinese restaurant appears in many episodes, however the food isn't always shown. Below are the instances in which the food appears, usually in the form of wrapped leftovers.

  • "Mole Hunt"—After Archer and Cheryl discuss breaking into the ISIS mainframe, Archer forces Cheryl to pay for lunch and his cabfare. He uses his swan-shaped wrapped leftovers to try and cheer Cheryl up, making it peck at her and saying, "bawk, bawk" (like a chicken.)
  • "A Going Concern"—Lana and Barry eat at the restaurant, to discuss Barry's offer to Lana for a promotion if ODIN buys ISIS. They bring their swan-shaped wrapped leftovers back to ISIS Headquarters. Archer believes Lana's swan is a robotic bird, and the sweet and sour leaking from it was hydraulic fluid. He knocks Barry's food on the floor, causing Barry to talk to himself in third person.
  • "Tragical History"—Cyril and George Spelvin have lunch. Later, Cyril's bribe is wrapped up in tin foil like regular swan-wrapped leftovers. When Archer sees these, he believes that food is contained inside and attempts to take it from Cyril. Cryil stashes it in a safe in his office.
  • "Motherless Child" —In S07E4 Archer extits a bar drunk with a mug and wrapped leftover Chinese food in his hands. His intention was to drive home, but soon finds out his car got clamped. 


  • In "A Going Concern," Archer apparently believes Lana's leftovers are a robot bird, this is despite the fact that he has seen leftovers wrapped in this fashion before.