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Barry's back and gives the gang the cold shoulder in their quest to put Other Barry on ice.[1]


The episode opens up with some shots of the New York City streets and we pan up to the HQ building. It's 4:17pm, and Cyril, Pam, Cheryl, and Krieger are all bored out of their minds. Cyril is trying to sleep, Pam is balancing a pencil on her upper lip, and Cheryl is throwing crumpled up paper balls at Cyril while Krieger is keeping track of her makes and misses--as well as the crews "wishes for death"--on a white board. Cyril asks Cheryl to stop and after she refuses a little time passes and they all groan again, add another to the "wishes for death box". Archer then walks in holding 1 smoothie and informs the gang that he got some for them, well was thinking about it, but then realized he wouldn't be able to hold them all. Immediately after this, a large box appears from a mailman and Archer signs for it. After deciding that they would skeet-shoot it, Archer thinks either his smoothie is a little too hard, or he heard a voice from inside the box. This voice is repeated so they rip open the box and Archer realizes its Barry. After a little more work opening the box the camera cuts and we see that it is Barry, on a screen, but after the camera slowly pans out we see that its actually Barry talking through what appears to be a smart-fridge from the 1980s.

After the intro finishes playing we see Archer plugging Barry in in the office breakroom and Barry explains that he got into his current predicament by finding said smart-fridge during a power surge when the crew killed evil Barry in Robot Factory. After the building collapsed good Barry was first put in a college dorm, then a fetish porn set, and then he got there. While Barry is explaining this Krieger suggests that he could fix him and Barry asks for Krieger not to do this. Zara is freaking out as she doesn't know how to react to this level of advanced technology, but everyone else claims that it's nothing new. Barry then says that he "picked up some ripples out there in the ether, and yes, Other Batty must have gotten out"[2].

We are now shown Lana and Krieger describing what they think evil Barry has been doing. Krieger says that through power tracing he's been able to locate evil Barry and thinks he's at an abandoned nuclear waste site near the Hoover Dam. Lana says their will be 2 teams; the first which will be run by the "Yucca strike team"[2] of Archer, Pam, Cyril, and Krieger, and the second will be run by Zara, Ray, and Lana. They will go to where the nuclear waste was suppose to go, figure out how to get into it, and then take evil Barry down.

We cut to a cave opening in a mountain in Nevada with Pam carrying Barry, who she says it too damn heavy. After the rest of the crew enters the cave Archer waits outside for a little bit. Pam asks him what's wrong and Archer says that he's "mentally preparing" to face evil Barry as every time he sees him, Archer ends up getting beat up pretty bad. Pam gives Archer a pair of brass knuckles which she says she got from her aunt before she was arrested in Canada. Archer thanks her but says its not enough. At that moment Archer realizes that he had a secret weapon, good Barry. Archer then asks good Barry for evil Barry's weaknesses and good Barry responds with silence as Archer realizes this must mean evil Barry has no weaknesses.

After they enter the cave, and Pam complains about Barry again, Krieger makes a call to Ray. At that moment Lana and Zara are inside a party with a bunch of nerds and we learn that they are there to sneak into the basement and shut off the power to evil Barry's base. Lana asks Ray how the other team is doing but Ray responds with the fact that they are in a cave and so would have no possible way of contacting them. Following this Lana begins to yell at Ray for not doing anything and after a while Ray does the bare minimum to keep Lana contempt, a sweep of the cams. While doing this Ray notices 2 large men walking in and tells Lana and Zara about them. Also in this scene we are shown Zara yelling at some nerd because he thought he could talk to her.

We then show the Yucca crew getting behind cover as they see guards playing cards further down the cavern. As Archer, Cyril, and Krieger get down, Pam lumbers over and throws Fridge-Barry down. This loud noise alerts the guards, but the crew makes quick work of them using Pam's strength and Cyril's suppressive fire. Once we walk past this batch of guards we cut to Pam taking down another one and Archer brings up the question of why evil Barry has guards and not just clones of himself. This question is immediately worked out when Krieger sees evil Barry still under reconstruction in a dark lab. Krieger supposes evil Barry is workings with nanobots.

Again we are shown Zara being a dick to another tech guy, this time for skipping leg day. Lana then comes over to her and questions her about her tone and their objective of fitting in when they see a door open. They hurry over to it to catch it before it closes, and when they go in Ray informs them that the 2 burly men he saw walk in earlier are following them. Lana is wondering how evil Barry could have found out about their plan and Ray suggests that evil Barry noticed Zara's moods swings.

After cutting back to the Yucca team we see them walk into a large opening in the cave, Archer sees a defense system still up, and blocking them from completing their mission, and so calls Ray and grills him about not taking down evil Barry's defenses in time. After some back and forth banter about Archer's watch being set to the incorrect time, Ray forwards Archer to Lana who is with Zara and getting shot at by the 2 guards from earlier.

We then quickly cut to Cyril dreading having to carry good Barry downstairs, when evil Barry shoots Cyril with the nano-bots that were brough up earlier. After being shot Cyril walks down the stairs and begins to take out the rest of team Yucca.

We cut to black and when we return evil Barry has team Yucca handcuffed as he stands in front of a curtain and begins to preform a one-man-show on why he is doing what he's doing. The team begins to complain about having to sit through it and Archer informs the other team that now would be a good time for them to turn off Barry's project's shields. We cut back to Lana and Zara who are in a hallway fighting the 2 men that followed them through the door earlier and Lana eventually asks why they are working for evil Barry. They respond by telling her that they do not in fact work for evil Barry but are instead working for someone else, trying to catch Zara, and Zara knows why. We cut back to the team Yucca where evil Barry is telling them that earth is wasted on humanity and that his goal is to turn all of humanity into cyborgs by inserting nano-bots into all of them by putting said nano-bots into their drinking water, hence why he is so close to the Hoover Dam.

After cutting back to Lana and Zara, Zara informs Lana that these 2 men are following her because she racked up a big gambling debt and then tried to assassinate the head of the gambling syndicate, and after she did this she found out that they found out where she was and this is why she was being so "edgy".

We then, again, cut back to team Yucca and see good Barry realize that he can be useful by falling off of the ledge he is on onto evil Barry. While good Barry is slowly vibrating towards the edge of the table he is on, evil Barry decides to start up his drill, but while doing this, he realizes there is a pin code put on it that he doesn't know and thus has to call back one of the workers he fired earlier to get the pin. While this is happening, Krieger gives Archer a one-time-use laser cutter to cut his handcuffs off.

While this is going on we cut back to Lana and Zara and here Lana tells Zara to act as a distraction and run towards the end of the hall they are all in. As she is doing this Lana turns and shoots down an air duct which falls on the 2 men who are chasing them. As she does this Zara reaches the power panel which allows her to shut down the power to evil Barry's base.

We cut back to team Yucca and Archer running towards Barry who just forwarded his ex-employees severance and received the pin for his drill. While evil Barry is inputting this code Archer punches him in the face, to no results other than hurting his hand. Barry then begins to beat up Archer and after a while of this Archer remembers the brass knuckles Pam gave to him. Hitting evil Barry with these seems to do something to him and After the first hit, which leaves an imprint of "PAMAGEDDON" on evil Barry's face, good Barry falls and lands on evil Barry's head. This team work manages to hold off evil Barry for enough time for Zara to turn off the base's power, and release the rest of team Yucca who manage to kill evil Barry and stop the drill.

Following this the Yucca team asks good Barry how him and evil Barry keep coming back. Good Barry responds with a chilling tale of what he sometimes sees in his dreams, but then follows this up with an answer of "I'm not really sure."


Cultural References[]

Maw of Death Mountain is a mountain in Zelda that provides entrance into Eldin proper.

When good Barry falls on evil Barry's head, evil Barry opens the fridge door and says "Here's Barry", a reference to the similar line, "Here's Johnny", from The Shinning.

During evil Barry's one-man-show, Archer asks him when he developed his "penchant for theater"[2]. Barry responds that he has had it since Aristophanes. Aristophanes is a well known comedy writer from ancient Greece who died in 386 BC.

Archer says that the Roman Empire purposely had led pipes, and that this was the fault of Goth plumbers. Pam thinks the idea of goth-plumbers is cool, but Zara has to tell her that Archer is not talking about that kind of goth. The kind Archer is talking about is the more broad version of the Germanic clan that took over the City of Rome in 476, the Visigoths, thus leading to the collapse of the Western Roman Empire.

Running Gags / Callbacks[]

Running Gag: Archer asks Cyril to do what he does best, Cyril immediately understands this and begins putting down suppressive fire for Archer and Pam.

Callback: Pam says she needs a break, from carrying Barry. Archer responds to this by saying that he said Pam looked "alright" and that he doesn't know how Pam could have mistook that. This could be referring to when Archer and Pam had a "friends with benefits" thing going on in Crossing Over.